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Was I Always a Gift Giver?

A friend of mine asked me if I send gifts to people more often now than in the past, being that I work for a gift company. The truth is, I do. I’ve always been the type of person that likes to send friends and family gifts to congratulate them on a new job or house, say happy birthday, or just make them feel special for no reason. But now that I see how the internet gifting business works and am right in the middle of it, I have to admit I do find more reasons to send out gifts than I did before working here. Whenever we have a new tea product out, my Mom gets it. Whenever I want to say hello to my grandparents, they get a gourmet basket (followed up with a phone call). Whenever one of my sisters needs to send a gift to someone, they call me and I set it all up for them. Yeah, working here does make sending gifts easier and I do admit I send things more often. But I do stand behind the product, and every gift I send still has the sincerity my gifts had before working here.

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