Let Them Eat Cake

Sure – you looked gorgeous in your dress. The flowers were beautiful. The food was delicious. But do you know what everyone asks about when they hear about a wedding? They all ask “How was the cake?” It is THE statement piece of the wedding reception.

Today’s bride and groom have more options than ever thought possible just a few years ago. Couples may choose cakes inspired by fabrics, china patterns, lace and embroidery. Pulled sugar can be used to emulate ribbons, real ribbons can be applied directly to frosting for a charming affect.

Cakes no longer have to be round or rectangular. They don’t even have to be all cake. Many couples opt to have one layer made from cake for eating with the remaining tiers simply decorated styrofoam. (A clever solution for saving money and materials.) Even cupcakes are being used – no need to ask a cousin to man the cake cutting table.

White is out, color is in. Vibrant citrus colored frostings in combinations of lime green, bright orange and shocking pink are a hot combination especially appropriate for tropical destination weddings. Chocolate cakes with dark chocolate frosting are delish.

Unlimited budget? A diamond studded cake created by Mimi So Jewelers and cake designer Nahid La Patiesserie Artistique created for the Luxury Brands Bridal Show on Rodeo Drive was valued at a whopping $20 million. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend.

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