Using Amethyst to Celebrate February Birthdays

Niebaun Coppola Merlot

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and an easy characteristic to play upon when looking for birthday gifts. GiftTree offers several amethyst, or purple-colored, products that are especially clever and suitable for this theme.

For starters, you can’t go wrong with Purple Passion, a large flower arrangement with every shade of purple you can imagine. Presented in an adorable amethyst-colored basket, this gift is both festive and sweet.

Though wine is not considered to be a shade of amethyst, some darker varieties of wine, like merlot, do have a purplish-red hue to them. GiftTree offers two fun merlots that are already packaged in wood crates: Niebaun Coppola Merlot and Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Red Merlot.

Looking for something a little more playful? Check out these fun Yoga Chocolates. Not only are they inspirational and unique, but they come in a purple box!

Any combination of these gifts will not only send a message of distinction, but will show that you put thought and effort into finding custom gifts for their February birthday.

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