The Art of Phoenician Pastries

Gourmet FeastEveryone loves a sweet treat and yet most Americans associate baked sweets with cookies and cakes. Enter Phoenicia Patisserie, a traditional Mediterranean bakery with an incredible variety of exotic confections.

Using century old family recipes, bakers blend the rich flavor of pine nuts, pistachios, and cashews with delicate phyllo, crunchy shredded pastry, and a touch of sweetness. The result is a sublime marriage of textures and tastes unlike any American pastry you’ve ever had.

Not only do these delicacies taste fantastic, but they have beautiful presentation. Take for instance the “Pine Nut Bird’s Nest,” which features golden baked pistachios encased by shredded pastry. Also be sure to see “Pistachio Nut Diamonds,” which is a bed of finely chopped green pistachios crowned with so many layers of phyllo that they defy counting.

You can find these sumptuous delights in a number of our gift baskets, but a customer favorite is Gourmet Feast, where the pastries can be found alongside raspberry cookies, truffles, lemon drops, and almond roca.

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  1. My husband, who I say has so little taste he would eat dog food if nobody were watching, loves Phoenician Pastries! I am so surprised because most really good food is totally wasted on him. And the stuff he likes to eat is waist-ed!!

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