Stop Assuming Somebody Else Has It Covered

Elegant Baby Diaper Bag

I’ve discovered something about diaper bags. Everybody (with a baby) needs one, but hardly anyone gives them as a gift. It’s sort of like the pretty girl never getting asked out on a date because it is assumed that somebody else has already asked her out. Everybody thinks somebody else has already given the mother-to-be a diaper bag. It’s also a little weird to me that people think there is a limit to how many diaper bags a new mom can use. Are you kidding me? It’s pretty much going to be her purse for the next two years. She needs more than one! GiftTree has a really great diaper bag. The Elegant Baby Diaper Bag is deep chocolate brown with white trim. It even comes with a baby on the go kit consisting of numerous lidded dishes, a striped changing mat and cute little bib (gotta catch the drool). I love it. It almost makes me wish I had a baby on the way.

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