Popcorn + Chocolate = Heaven on Earth


Get a load of this. Popcorn dunked in layer upon layer of chocolate. That’s another description of Heaven for my family. I brought home the Popfections gift thinking it would be a good snack to share. Apparently it was a little too good for sharing. It took two days before my family was begging for more.

Four different popcorn and chocolate concoctions are in a slick looking boxed set. The toffee is made with real butter. The truffles are huge. The Popsters are my favorite. They remind me of Milk Duds only they are individual pieces of popcorn dunked in chocolate. What’s really cute about them is the old fashioned milk can tin used as the packaging. The Popclusters are sort of sweet and sort of salty, but definitely delish. (They have dried sweet cherries inside so they are crunch and chewy.

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