Hard to Impress In-Laws?

Spa Gift Baskets: Bath & Body Invigoration

If you’ve ever had your in-laws come for a weekend visit, you know what training is like for the Olympics! You leave no detail unnoticed and every dust bunny exterminated. What better way to impress your in-laws than by setting the Bath & Body Invigoration gift basket in their guest room. It has a vast array of items including: a small hairbrush, comb, exfoliating soap, lip balm, hand creme, shower soap, facial cleanser and more. SO maybe instead of telling you how to raise your kids, they’ll be so relaxed and rejuvinated that they’ll compliment you on how clean your house is compared to your sister in-laws. Well, you can’t change the world with one Bath & Body Invigoration basket, or can you?

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