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Gifts for March Birthdays

Essential Healing

The flower for March is the violet, and, luckily, violets come in many varieties. My mom is a diehard African Violet fan and also happens to be born in March, so every year I send her a new African Violet (her breakfast nook is teeming with them!). This year she will be receiving the European Basket, which not only has African Violets, but also Kalanchoe, a plant that is very easy to flower.

March is host to two astrological signs with two distinctive dispositions: a March Pisces, born the 1st to 20th, is said to have an emotional nature while a March Aries, born the 21st to the 31st, is said to have an adventurous personality. A great sensual gift for your sensitive Pisces is Essential Healing: it pampers the body and soothes the soul. On the other hand, an adventurous gift for your Aries is Truth, Dare or Chocolate, a wickedly fun twist on Spin the Bottle. Enjoy!

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