Enjoying Gourmet Mustards

Champagne Wishes

An often overlooked but classical epicurean item is mustard. Mustard is noteworthy because, like any other fine cheese or wine, there are many varieties that afford a wide spectrum of tastes.

Two of my favorite gourmet mustards that we use in our GiftTree baskets are the Willamette Valley Mustards’ Sweet ‘n Hot Stone Ground Mustard and the Robert Rothschild Farm’s Raspberry Wasabi Dipping Mustard.

The “WVM” mustard is a classical, German-styled mixture of stone ground seeds, spices, and honey. It has a flush savory quality to it, and is excellent with pork, sausages, and full-bodied cheeses. We use it in our Grand Indulgence basket, where it pairs nicely with Camembert cheese, smoked salmon, caviar, and pretzels.

Also not to be forgotten is the Rothschild Raspberry Wasabi mustard. Like many successful marriages of sweet and spicy ingredients, this mustard delivers a piquant rush of flavor that stimulates the palate. We use the sweet and spicy qualities of the mustard to enhance the crisp and dry qualities of champagne in our Champagne Wishes basket.

We know that our customers possess attuned palettes, and we strive to heighten their epicurean pleasures by offering the finest gourmet items in interesting pairings.

Next week: the art of Phoenician pastries….

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