Don’t Try This at Home

There are many creative people in this world, but let me dispel any myths right away – I am not one of them. And not everyone that works for a gift basket company is destined to be a designer. (GiftTree’s talented Design Team can attest to this).

Since joining the ranks at GiftTree, I have often looked back to Christmas of 1995. This is the Christmas that I thought it would be fun to make a gift basket for a family member. Oh, the horror…I decided on an ice cream theme and went to a large “one-stop-shop” store where I purchased a wicker basket, some colorful shredded paper, and several ice cream related items to include in the basket. After spending more money than I was planning, I went home to attempt to put my inner creative genius to work. I just knew this gift basket would be my masterpiece and everyone would be appropriately impressed.

I quickly realized that I did not have nearly enough to fill the basket. It didn’t occur to me to choose a smaller basket, so back to the store I went. This process took a majority of my day and by the time I finished, the gift basket was extremely heavy, it had every ice cream related product you can imagine, nothing coordinated, and it looked terrible. Unfortunately, I don’t mean it just looked bad. I mean it was painfully hideous and people were surely embarrassed for me.

So, thank you GiftTree; thank you GiftTree designers, and thank you to my family member that graciously accepted that infamous gift basket of 1995. My family always appreciates my gifts much more now that they come from GiftTree.

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