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Doggone Good!

Good Dog Gift Basket

In Portland, OR, dogs are a big deal. We have pubs dedicated to dogs like the Lucky Labrador, over 15 holistic pet stores in Portland metro alone, 31 off-leash dog parks, upscale dog boutiques, and a host of dog friendly bakeries. Logically, dog birthdays are also a big event and it is not uncommon to spend $25 to $40 on a personalized birthday cake.

This year I gave my girl a gift that will last a lot longer than a bag of treats or a fancy birthday cake. She was thrilled to receive The Good Dog Gift Basket. It is filled with a ton of hard rubber chew toys, human-grade cheddar cheese dog treats, a fancy new leash, rawhide, squeakie toys, plush toys, and rope, all in a shiny new bowl. Plus she got the thrill of barking at the Fed Ex man when it was delivered.

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