Does Hallmark Have a Card for That?

Digital Photo Album

Somebody with too much time on their hands must have looked at March and decided to create a few extra holidays. Some of my favorite odd holidays include:

March 3rd – What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

March 4th – International Scrap Booking Day

March 9th – Panic Day

March 18th – Awkward Moments Day. It is also Forgive Mom and Dad Day. (It seems a little redundant. Most of my awkward moments are typically generated by my parents.)

March 26th – Make Up your Own Holiday Day

Now that you are aware of these holidays, I have you covered if you need any gifts to help the celebration process. Check out GiftTree’s pet gifts. If Cats and Dogs Has Opposable Thumbs, they would be able to get into the adorable Cat and Dog Treat Jars. For the scrap bookers, the Digital Photo Album is a must. If you ever panic because you have forgotten to send someone a gift, look into GiftTree’s Last Minute Gifts. There’s quite a selection. I personally like the Bear Hug. Everything on the site is tailor made to make gift giving easy and fun. Go ahead, make up your own holiday. GiftTree has a gift for it.

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