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While born in Southern California, Alicia has made her home the Pacific Northwest since she moved here at the age of 10. Alicia’s passion is her family, which include her husband, son, daughter, and their very spoiled dog! They love to spend time together traveling, playing board games, cooking and baking, going to the beach and enjoying the little things in life. When she’s not spending time with her kids, you can find Alicia with a group of her girlfriends, laughing the night away with silly stories and a bottle of wine.


A Seattle native, Carrie ended up at in “the ‘Couv” when her husband was offered a job in the Portland area. Living 3 hours away from Seattle means she is close enough yet far enough away to her relatives who still live up North. She and her husband have a really cool 8 year old son who can play Iron Man (the entire song!) on his guitar. Carrie and her 2 sisters all have red hair and are constantly asked if they are triplets, even though they all have different shades of red, look nothing alike, and aren’t even the same age! Luckily Carrie (the oldest) always ends up being told “you must be the youngest.”


After living his first thirty years as a feckless popinjay and rapscallion, Doug decided that his mid-life crisis would involve the pushing of pixels from Pennsylvania to the Pacific. Rabidly passionate about rest and relaxation, he’s the perfect guide to all things decadent and luxurious. Having no formal education in anything but Graphic Design, Doug takes his involvement in the Gift Exchange most seriously. How else would he possibly lay his hands on all these products to try them out?


Konnie Kitt grew up in Rupert, Idaho (or Mayberry, if you prefer). After several moves post-college, she settled in Vancouver, Washington in 2011. She is the mother of 3 kids and 2 step-kids, who are all fantastic and amazing (no bias there). She was reacquainted with her husband on Facebook (cliche) 20 years after high school, which spawned the move to the Pacific Northwest. Konnie is the wannabe baker of GiftTree. To avoid eating all the pastries, etc that she bakes, she brings them to work to share with the masses. She also began running about 6 years ago and has completed one full and 3 half marathons (as well as countless 5 and 10K races). She is currently in training for the Portland Marathon in October 2013. The remaining time in her life is spent with family, exploring the beautiful area where she lives.


You better hope this resident prankster doesn’t know when your birthday is! Always looking for an opportunity to repay a prank, Shawna’s shenanigans include toilet papering an unsuspecting co-worker’s office with an industrial sized roll of tp along with some other crazy hijinks that we dare not mention in public. Born in Vancouver, Shawna has moved around a little here and there but always seems to come back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Despite her aversion to cold weather, the abundance of fantastic NW camp spots prevails! When she’s not at GiftTree, you will find Shawna and her husband outside playing with their dog, Lily, or chatting up one or more of her five brothers and sisters. Her hobbies include camping, crossword puzzles, DIY projects, and she is also addicted to Monopoly and LOST.


A lifelong resident of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Adam lives in a blue house with his soulmate, two quasi-adventurous cats and a stubborn Old English Bulldog named Winston. He considers himself a romantic, a lover (not a fighter), and has come around on the Oxford Comma. His free time is spent reading, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and reviewing pins that his aforementioned soulmate sends him via Pinterest. #LOSTie #GameofThrones #TheLittlePrince


Coming from the dry desert of the Southwest, James decided to move to the greener pastures of the Pacific Northwest a few years back and has no regrets. When not performing his duties in the GiftTree Graphics Department, James likes to be outside, preferably on two wheels. Known to sometimes engage in tomfoolery, most of James’ shenanigans are cheeky and fun. When James is not skylarking around or exploring the outdoors, he’s most likely to be found watching old movies and re-runs of loony TV shows. His favorite GiftTree products are the fancy chocolates, delectable wines and tasty beers.


Called the gypsy of his family, Nicholas has lived in Southern and Northern California, Las Vegas, Beaverton, Houston and has now finally settled down in beautiful Vancouver, Washington. Nicholas is passionate about his family, which includes his wife of 16 years and their 3 children, as well as sports and fitness. Being “Coachable” has been the motto he’s based his life around. Nicholas spends his free time watching, reading and listening to motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Maya Angelou and Dr. Wayne Dyer.


As part of a Coast Guard family, Sarah grew up in many places around the U.S. from Virginia, to Wisconsin, to Puerto Rico, to finally settling in Vancouver, Washington and putting roots down here to stay for the long haul. Don’t tell her husband, but Sarah’s top three loves in life are cooking, him, and then her little short-legged love nugget of a dog, Oliver (in that order). Sarah feels at-home in the kitchen where she most often experiments with flavors from Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. She spends her free time  working in the garden, painting with watercolors, and browsing through the treasure troves that always await in thrift shops around the Portland area for home decor and clothes.


Cece, GiftTree’s Copywriter, was born and raised in the snowy woods of Northwest Wisconsin. She traded in the pine trees for the palm trees of Los Angeles, where for ten years she worked in the music and advertising businesses. Cece studied copywriting at two LA creative schools and eventually made the move back to the pines, this time settling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When she’s not penning extravagant prose for GiftTree’s luxurious offerings, Cece can be found on a yoga mat, hanging out with her hilarious two-year-old niece, spectating an NBA game, drinking wine at Cooper’s Hall, or walking her little dog Peanut around Laurelhurst Park.

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