Getting almost 3 months of freedom from school is exhilarating at first and usually filled with plans to swim, hike, bike, play and more. But, often by mid-to-late summer, kids and parents look around and realize that they’ve been wasting away those bright sunny days watching too much TV, playing too many video games, and you find yourself hearing the kids utter the dreaded phrase “I’m bored!”. So, this year, why not be proactive  and make the most of this summer and line up some awesome summer boredom busters and bust them out before the kids even have time to claim they’re bored? It might just become a summer tradition. Read on for a round-up of 5 summer boredom busters for kids:






1. Build a Water Balloon Launcher via Frugal Fun 4 Boys

A neighborhood water fight is a necessary part of any summer. But this water balloon launcher would turn bring hours of fun and entertainment to any summer day! With just a few pieces of wood from the hardware store and a plastic tub, throwing water balloons is about to get a lot more fun.






2. Make Your Own Solar Oven via

A fun mix of science experiment, baking, and summer fun, making a solar oven also teaches kids about using the suns energy for fuel! This simple version can toast up some s’mores in the backyard without needing to build a fire, or heat up the house by turning on the oven inside.







3. Shake Up Your Own Ice Cream In 5 Minutes! via DIY n Crafts

This is a summer activity that every kid must do at some point throughout the summer. And one they do try it, they’ll be asking to make this delicious and easy ice cream again and again. Just two plastic bags, ice and salt create an ice cream maker that can be filled with a simple cream and sugar mixture. Add toppings and dig in to a cool, summer treat in just 5 minutes!


4. DIY A Giant Backyard Board Game via The 36th Avenue

Board games are a classic way to spend a fun evening together as a family, but here’s an idea to bring that same concept outside, make it huge, and play during the day! The great part about this game is that it’s totally customizable and can include fun, physical activities to get the whole family up and moving. And after you play, this chalk game can be hosed away for easy clean-up.






5. Make a Giant Outdoor Water Blob via My Frugal Adventures

Who doesn’t have fun summer memories of a slip ‘n slide in the backyard? This fast, easy and frugal project brings the concept of the slip ‘n slide to a whole new level by turning it into a huge water-filled blob that kids can jump on, lounge on, and slide across all day long. Even parents will enjoy kicking back and reading a book on this comfy, huge water bed that stays cool in the backyard.




We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to get out there are create some fun summer memories with your kids, and probably other kids in the neighborhood who’ll want to give these fun new creations a try for themselves once they see them in action!

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