Does that special ‘fella or lady in your life love beer?

If you’re not 100% sure if they fall into the “beer lover” category, run through this checklist real fast:

  • Loves to get brews on tap
  • Enjoys seasonal brews, or experimenting with fun-sounding beer flavors from time-to-time
  • Scoffs at the idea of drinking ___(insert popular macro-brew here)___

If any of the above describe that person, congratulations, you’ve got a beer lover in your life. And what better time to celebrate their love for all things brew than Christmas! GiftTree offers some pretty sweet stuff for beer aficionados, but I’ve got four gifts below that are perfect Christmas gifts for beer lovers.

Christmas Beer Gift - Wooden Beer Flight



Personalized Wooden Beer Flight Christmas Gift

Beer lovers LOVE beer flights, so bring that fun experience home by gifting them their very own personalized wooden beer flight for Christmas! GiftTree offers free personalization on the handle, so you can write their first name, their nickname, or “Christmas 2015” so they can remember the gift for years to come. This gift comes with four 6-ounce tapered beer glasses, so just buy a few of your beer lover’s favorite brewskis and present them with their own flight Christmas morning!


Beer Gift For Christmas - Beer Growler


Stainless Steel Beer Growler Christmas Gift

I’ll admit, there was a period in my life where I had no idea what a growler was or why somebody would prefer their beer in one. “It’s a stainless steel JUG!” I would exclaim, looking for a laugh or two.

Well, the joke was on me, because my brother introduced me to the beer growler and I finally saw the light. It’s literally a way to carry more beer and keep it fresh. What’s not to love here? Sometimes when you buy a pint of beer, you pour half of it out and the rest is flat and gross hours later. This growler keeps beer fresh with its gasket ring sealer at the base of the lid. And it has a glorious 64 ounces of capacity, meaning you might get some beer, too!


Christmas Wooden Six-Pack Holder Beer Gift



Wooden Six-Pack Holder Christmas Beer Gift

Beer nerds will LOVE this gift. How often has a six-pack of beer torn or been uncomfortable to hold? Those paper/cardboard ridges just cut into your hand, and the handle is definitely not large enough…

This six-pack holder ups the ante featuring reclaimed redwood and a steel handle. And a nifty surprise: personalization! Add an engraved silver plaque with their initials for that extra special touch. They’ll want to carry that six-pack everywhere, which means they’ll always have more than just one beer (right?).


Christmas Beer Gift Basket - First Class Beer Chiller


The First Class Beer Chiller Christmas Beer Basket

Five different beers. Teriyaki Beef Jerky. Beer brittle (whaaaaat?). Salami and pistachios. Toffee peanuts. And so much more!

A beer celebration in a metal keepsake container! And I know from experience, just grab some snow outside, toss in the chiller, and add in beer and you’ve got yourself a party. When it comes to Christmas gifts for beer lovers, this one is sure to be a hit!



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Comment below: What’s your favorite beer? (Mine, right now, is the wonderfully-spiced Elysian Night Owl pumpkin beer.)