The holidays are not the only time to give business gifts! All year long, employees, clients and colleagues deserve to be recognized and appreciated. It’s the way we strengthen and reinforce business bonds! That’s why it’s so important to remember birthdays, send thank yous, and reward a job well done. A great business gift reflects the very best of your company. And when your gifts are memorable, your company will be, too. To get with the times and make sure you’re always making an impact with your gift, let’s take a look at some of the best business gift trends this year.


Company “Swag” is Out…

For the most part (and of course there are some exceptions), corporate “swag” does not have the clout that it once did. Overall, most employees view logo’d pens, frisbees, flash drives and coffee cups imprinted with the company logo as pretty thoughtless. Actually, promotional swag can send the opposite of your intended message! Instead of saying, “you’re valued and appreciated”, cheap logo’d items like stickers and mouse pads send a message that says “we didn’t put much thought into this gift, because we don’t put much thought into you”. Ouch.

But Branded Gifts are In.

Show your clients you really appreciate their business! Tell your employees that their role makes a huge difference! Face the facts: your company’s success rides on the backs of hard-working employees, great customer service and loyal clients. If you recognize that you wouldn’t be where you are without your team and your customers, prove it. Make business gift giving part of your business strategy, and not with just any old corporate swag – go for quality, value and high end details. You’ll watch your employees’ motivation and productivity increase. You’ll see a rise in returning customers. People who know they are appreciated are loyal – and that’s a fact.



Great Bottles of Wine Send a Strong Message

Giving a good bottle of wine is a wonderful business gift. It sends a message that you care about quality, and you value the tastes of your clients and employees. Nearly everyone loves a great wine, specially if you can figure out beforehand what kind of wine might be their favorite. Check out this blog: Three Tips to Giving the Perfect Wine Gift!




What do you think makes the perfect business gift?