Not all of us are sommeliers or wine experts, so when it comes to choosing the right wine that conveys the impression you’re hoping to achieve, it can be tricky! Here are our top three go-to tips when it comes to giving the right wine gift.

TIP #1 – The relationship you have with your recipient should be taken into account first and foremost. Is the wine gift for your boss? Just because your boss is a wine lover, he might not appreciate a Gewürztraminer or a pink Moscato. So consider the relationship that you have – is it personal or professional? Also, take the occasion into account as well. A bottle of Champagne as a gift for someone who has been sick with the flu isn’t really a very thoughtful gift.

TIP #2 – If you know of a particular label that he or she already loves, play it safe! Why take a chance when you already know what they love? If you’re unsure of their particular wine tastes, try to gauge what they might like at a very base level. When you saw them at that Christmas party, were they drinking red or white wine? If all else fails, reach out to someone close to them and ask! It’s totally acceptable to approach a close friend or family member and say something like, “I’d love to surprise her with a bottle of wine. Any recommendations on what she might like?”

TIP #3 – Presentation matters. Up the game and elevate the gift with spectacular presentation (we love our Burlwood boxes). Especially if you’re giving a wine gift you already know they like, up the impression-factor and make it a grand entrance. Present the wine in a gift basket, where it’s paired with gourmet food! Give a bottle of Champagne in a shiny silver wine chiller!

At GiftTree, we’re proud to carry many distinctive and noteworthy bottles of wine in so many different presentations. In fact, our fine wine collection allows you to customize both the wine and the packaging it arrives in! Here are a few of our favorite wine gifts. Whatever you decide to do, giving a great bottle of wine in a beautiful presentation is a perfect way to leave a lasting impression.

21024b_FALL15-New-Wine-GiftVintner’s Elite Selection – Berry-rich Sterling Cabernet, crisp Elk Cove Pinot Gris from Oregon, and an option to include a third bottle of esteemed Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon elevate this gift to remarkable prestige. Paired with gourmet sweets and savory companions, this gift leaves a long-lasting impression. It’s a perfect basket for executives, your boss or maybe even your in-laws.

Looking for the perfect wine gift for a newlywed couple, or a someone who’s just closed on their first home? Help them get their cellar started with one of our wine trios! From a California white wine trio to a gift of three organic reds, to a tasting tour of Italy, don’t just settle for one bottle!

There are so many options and styles of wine gifts that are sure to impress – use the three tips above and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect wine gift!