Presentation Matters. Full Stop. In a world where most e-commerce is just focused on selling “stuff” via some search algorithm with some retailer, you just “click it”, and the stuff is on the way. Within minutes after your order, your hunter gatherer instincts are sated, you probably forgot that you even bought something.

But gifts are not just “stuff”. Gifts are symbols: symbols of appreciation, love, thanks or other sentiment. And when a gift is beautifully presented, it reinforces the consideration of the gestures itself. There are a few new gifts at GiftTree this year that keep pushing the envelope on our “When Much Ado Matters” presentation that I am particularly excited about. I hope you think so too.

22535-22139Top of my list this year is undoubtedly the Sand Hill Road Luxury Basket. Sand Hill Road is the epicenter of Venture Capital in Silicon Valley. Well-educated investors don the most expensive business casual clothing ever seen, while trying to find the next Google, Facebook or Uber. One of most nerve-racking things I’ve ever done is pitch investing in my business to landed gentry on Sand Hill Road. Probably the most excited I’ve ever been is to realize that the companies I’ve pitched earned the confidence of some of those investors to believe and invest in our companies. Sand Hill Road is at the heart of the California version of the American Dream.

It is with this in mind that we launched our Sand Hill Road Luxury Basket this year. It contains a curated collection of Northern California treats including Clif Family Sea Salt Caramels (Napa), TCHO Chocolate (Berkeley) and many other delicious, sophisticated items you’d likely pick for yourself if you visited Palo Alto this holiday. With this basket, you can add a bottle of Hundred Acre, Bond, Quintessa, Lokoya or any of our other 25 premium labels from Northern California. With this gift basket, our motto is “Fewer Better Things.”   It’s perfect if you’ve got a sophisticated client or employee who you really want to say something special to.


Engraved Season's Greetings Wine CrateA second favorite this year is our Engraved Season’s Greetings Wine Crate. What I love about is the agri-chic contrast of the simple wood crate in contrast to the modern, confident impression of the Archery Summit Pinot Noir. The holiday spirit also pops off the gift with the holiday ornament and the “Season’s Greetings” Emblazoned on the Crate. If you haven’t had Archery Summit, you should. The Premier Cuvée featured in this wine is lush with great notes of berries (cherry/kirsh). It is not overly bold though. It has a nice soft finish making you want to plan your next trip to the Willamette Valley as soon as you put down your glass.


16838o_Artisan-Cheese-HamperA third favorite is our Artisan Cheese Hamper. Inspired by our friends in the UK who insist on calling their gift baskets “hampers”, we’ve assembled a delectable group of cheeses, meat, fruit and crackers in a custom made wicker hamper and stylish lid. After the delights are devoured, the hamper will remind your recipient of good taste for years to come.






At GiftTree, our tagline is “When Much Ado Matters.” These three gifts put the “Much Ado” in our tagline. I hope you agree.