Here at GiftTree, one of our favorite things about our bountiful, beautiful gift baskets is the enduring containers they arrive in. Our keepsake baskets are made from sturdy materials and each one is inspected by hand before it becomes one of our renowned GiftTree gift baskets. The containers are intended to be repurposed long after the contents of the gourmet gift have been enjoyed, leaving a lasting memory as your recipient puts the basket to work in the home or office. And how would one repurpose a GiftTree basket, you ask? We can think of 101 ways…

21017e_The-Premier-Selection1. Coloring books, crayons, markers, colored pencils

2. Knitting supplies

3. Kid’s toy box

4. Pet’s toy box

5. Diapers & wipes

6. Cleaning supplies under the sink

7. Extra spices in the pantry

8. Sewing kit

9. Manicure / pedicure supplies

10. Makeup overflow storage

11. Hair tools storage

12. Scrapbooking materials

13. Vinyl records

14. Stationery & letter-mailing supplies

15. Art supplies

16. Souvenirs & mementos

17. Important documents

18. Crafting supplies

19. Games & puzzles

20. Emergency kit for the car 6946e_Toast-of-California-Wine-Basket

21. First aid kit

22. Extra toilet paper

23. Wash cloth & hand towel storage
24. Travel toiletries & bottles

25. Power outage kit (candles, batteries, matches etc)

26. Dog walking supplies (leash, harness, baggies, sweaters)

27. Gardening gloves, seeds and hand tools

28. Winter hats, gloves and mittens

29. School supplies

30. Socks and undergarments

31. Throw blankets in the living room

32. Magazine storage in the living room (or bathroom!)

33. Extra cooking utensils

34. Summer sandals and beach shoes

35. Road trip activity kit for kids in the car

36. Quilting materials

37. Phone and camera chargers

38. CD storage

39. Office supplies

40. DVD storage  21737j_Grand-Indulgence-Gourmet-Gift-Basket

41. Dress up clothes for kids

42. Costume jewelry

43. Paperback books

44. Extra printer paper

45. Printer ink cartridges

46. Yearbooks and scrapbooks

47. Onions and potatoes in the pantry

48. Scrapbooks and keepsakes

49. Facial supplies – masks, steamers, scrubs and tools

50. Essential oils and aromatherapy kit

51. Medicine cabinet overflow storage

52. Multivitamin / supplement bottles

53. Fancy dinnerware – cloth napkins and tablecloths

54. Extra pillowcases and sheets

55. Laundry room storage – detergents, dryer sheets

56. Sports memorabilia keepsakes

57. Small workout gear such as light weights, yoga straps

58. Baseball caps, sun hats and visors

59. Fruit basket in the pantry

60. Handheld percussion instruments

61. Remote controls in the living room

62. Gift wrapping supplies – bows, tape, tags and bags 6603i_The-5th-Avenue-Wine-Gift-Basket

63. Ironing supplies

64. Pet treats, medications, supplies

65. Extra candles, matches and lighters

66. Seasonal decor

67. Recipe books, boxes and cards

68. After-school snacks in the pantry

69. Camping cookware

70. Paper towel rolls

71. Kids’ crafting supplies

72. Party supplies

73. Picnic supplies

74. Coffee and tea box

75. Extra USB and HDMI cables

76. Baking supplies

77. Zip-lock bags, foil, plastic wrap, wax paper

78. Hidden stocking stuffers for next Christmas

79. Neckties and bowties

80. Extra / old sunglasses

81. Maps and travel brochures

82. Day at the beach kit – flip flops, towels, sunglasses, sun block, frisbee

83. Wine bottles

84. Video game controllers 2764o_Golden-Gourmet

85. Hair brushes and sprays, gels, mousses

86. Nail polish collections

87. Spa tools – scrubbers, pumice stones, loofah

88. Old or blank journals

89. Extra bath and shower bottles

90. Shaving kit

91. Haircutting supplies

92. Daily homework station

93. Photo frames and photos

94. Scarves

95. Purses and wallets

96. Appliance accessories and attachments (food processors, juicers, etc)

97. Extra lightbulbs and batteries

98. Kids’ toys and books

99. Decorative pillows

100. Oven mitts and pot holders

101. Bead and jewelry making supplies 21736n_Fit-for-Royalty-Gourmet-Basket



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How do YOU repurpose GiftTree’s gift baskets?