When it comes to Corporate Gifting, it can be an angst-filled time of year. The question at hand: What to give to the business partners and employees to leave a lasting impression?

The question seems so innocuous, but it isn’t necessarily so. The way to address finding the perfect corporate gift is by asking two questions: First, what do you want to say to the recipient? And secondly, what does the gift say about you?

Here’s the way I think about the first question, “What do you want to say to the recipient?”

  • Be specific and appreciative in your gift message. “Thank you Joan for your incredible support of our team this year!” or “Dear Joan, I know you love Godiva chocolate and we wanted to show how much we appreciate you!” Why put all the effort into buying a gift and rush through the message?
  • Make a connection. If a gift can open the door to a personal discussion, go ahead! For example: “Dear Xavier, Eat the deliciousness inside now, but save the Veuve for my next visit to town for us to enjoy together.”
  • For business gifts, think about giving a gift that’s an appropriate size. You want everyone to enjoy the gift. A small office may enjoy a smaller gift, like a tower full of fresh fruit. Larger business relationship or teams probably warrants a larger gift to share with everyone, like an abundant gift basket.


The next question can sometimes be forgotten, but is very real. “What does the gift say about you and your company?”

  • Where you buy says something about you. This is admittedly self-serving since I think buying from GiftTree says something very positive. However, even if you don’t buy from us, think about what you implicitly say with your choice in retailer. We have tasteful, beautifully presented business gifts that show that you took some time and thought to express something a step above many others. When we say, “When Much Ado Matters,” this is what we mean…showing that you didn’t cut corners to just check the box on gift giving. Buying the same box of fruit your grandma used to buy or having something delivered in your Prime box in 42 minutes may say something you’re not trying to say.
  • Make the gift fit the sentiment. If someone generated a million-dollar deal for your company, don’t send a gift card to a big box discounter. Send them the Park Avenue. If a smaller gift is appropriate, you can still add the “wow” factor with some personalization. Thanking a legal assistant? Our engraved bookmark is perfect with the gift message, “Just a small token of my appreciation for reading thousands of briefs this year.”
  • Pay attention to the details. Make sure your note is well-written, names are spelled correctly and your address is correct. Don’t assume the person agrees with you politically, gastronomically or religiously unless you know otherwise.
  • Show some personality. This may be a bit corny for some, but when it fits, I love a corporate gift with some creativity. Especially when combined with a clearly luxury gift, it can be quite memorable. Here are some examples:
Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2006 with Double Walled Wine Chiller

“My ‘Cristal’ ball says our business will double in 2017!”

Beach Spa Crate

“After the year we just went through, we all deserve a trip to the spa!”

Hundred Acre Few And Far Between Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Wine Steward Luxury Caddy

Friends like you are ‘Few and Far Between!’


You get the idea!

Well, hopefully this gave you a few gift-giving nuggets of inspiration to noodle on. If you’re looking for any more advice on what might be right for you or your company, don’t hesitate to contact our GiftTree business experts at 800.379.4064. If you end up giving out something particularly cool, let me know! I love gifters with chutzpah and creativity!