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Warre's Vintage Port

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The History of Warre's Vintage Port

Founded in 1670, Warre's is one of the oldest wineries in the world. It began when two Englishmen opened shop in Portugal, initially as exporters of wine, fruit, olive oil and importers of English wool and dried cod. Over time, as the company changed ownership, it began to focus its exportations solely on Port, eventually taking over the production of Port itself. Today, Warre's plays a very significant role in establishing Port as one of the world's finest wines. While many Vintage Ports can be quite overwhelming, Warre's prides its Port on its balance, poise, elegance and delicacy.

Warre's Vintage Port - Deliver The Perfect Gift for Port Lovers

Is there a port lover in your life? It may not seem like a completely common wine to be a favorite of oenophiles, but Port has its place among the sweet dessert wines. To be authentic port, it must come from the Duoro Valley in Portugal, and it must be fortified with liquor, usually in the form of brandy. The result is a sweet wine that is inky black and almost syrupy, usually served with desserts of chocolate, cheese or rich sweets. Port gifts are always distinguished and elegant, but a gift of Warre's Vintage Port delivered is one that will always be treasured by any port lover.