GiftTree Affiliate Program - Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

The trend in websites today is to keep it simple. Offer a few products; give people a simple, direct message that is easily understood. Explaining well what you have to offer is better than any flashy graphic!

Context, Context, Context! Match your content to the products you are offering. For instance if you are giving tips on planning a wedding you would get more hits by placing a graphic for one of our wedding baskets than one linking to a singles site!

There are plenty of great resources on the web to help you design your web site. For instance many free services and low-cost downloads are available on the internet. Or check your favorite search engine. A little research goes a long way!

Keep things familiar. Windows-like graphics work best. Most people are using Windows, so buttons with a similar interface keep the customer feeling comfortable.

Keep the file size low. The faster your page loads the better, especially for the visitor with a slower connection.

Update your site. The old rule-of-thumb in retail applies to the web too. Keep changing your text and graphics. Your affiliate revenue will be greatly increased by rotating our links and inserting contextually relevant products. Don't forget about the holidays!

Keep coming back! Visit this site often as we update. Most importantly read our newsletter! Every month we will be offering a helpful tips section in the newsletter. These will be the direct result of the latest research and paid secrets that we offer our active affiliates for FREE!

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