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Chicken Soup for the Soul Gifts: A Special, Thoughtful Collection

It was the most special gift I can remember.

I was 12, it was Christmas, and I was curious about everything – girls, cars, the meaning of life – anything that would help me sort out the awkward tween years.

My parents, in their infinite wisdom, knew this. As we began our Christmas routine, I, being the oldest, was first to pick a gift. I picked the one that looked most like a book, unwrapped it, and exclaimed,

"A Chicken Soup for the Soul gift! Wow, thanks Mom and Dad!" I was truly elated.

Now it's been over 20 years since then, and this past year for Christmas at my parents' place I found myself feeling a little nostalgic and going through old home videos. I found the one from that Christmas, watched it, and remembered all the good advice the book had to give, and how much the gift meant to me.

"Wow," I thought. "I didn't even know you could find these anymore, and look at this presentation! Chicken Soup for the Soul gift baskets – an impressive concept."

Then I saw the one I knew I had to get: "Love Birds Gift Set with Chicken Soup for the Soul." Wonderful! A pair of handmade glass birds positioned to look like they're kissing and a book full of heartwarming love stories about marriage and relationships. Amazing.

But could it get there in three days? It was already the 26th and their anniversary was the 29th. As I went through the checkout process I saw five awesome shipping options. They could even guarantee its arrival by tomorrow if I wanted, and could easily get it there in three days.

The perfect gift – that's what I like to hear, and I was a little choked up myself. Leave it to and their Chicken Soup for the Soul gifts to help create a lifelong memory and commemorate a beautiful relationship.