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Champagne Gift Baskets

Tasteful champagne gift baskets that are perfect for celebrating or rewarding.

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Wine Baskets: Happy Holidays Champagne Basket
Happy Holidays Champagne Basket
Ships Tomorrow
Personalized Wine Gifts: Champagne & Chocolates
Champagne & Chocolates
From $69.95
Ships Tomorrow
Wine Baskets: Champagne & Caviar
Champagne & Caviar
Ships Tomorrow
Luxury Wine Baskets: The Royal Holiday Champagne Gift Basket
The Royal Holiday Champagne Gift Basket
Ships Tomorrow
Champagne Gifts: Champagne & Flutes Gift Set
Champagne & Flutes Gift Set
From $109.95
Ships Tomorrow
Wine Gift Boxes: Kripta in Handcrafted Burgundy Burlwood Box
Kripta in Handcrafted Burgundy Burlwood Box
New Arrival
Ships Tomorrow
Wine Baskets: The Corporate Clincher
The Corporate Clincher
From $79.95
Ships Tomorrow
Personalized Wine Gifts: Champagne for the Holidays Gift
Champagne for the Holidays Gift
From $39.95
Ships Tomorrow
Wine & Fruit Baskets: Champagne Fruit Gourmet
Champagne Fruit Gourmet
New Arrival
From $144.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Wine Totes & Carriers: Luxury Wine Chiller with Dom Perignon 2004
Luxury Wine Chiller with Dom Perignon 2004
New Arrival
Ships Tomorrow
Items 1-20 of 24
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The One That Almost Got Away: How I Averted Disaster With One Champagne Gift Basket

The clock was ticking on the biggest deal of my life. Long nights and weekends of working from home to prepare had almost paid off. Bringing in this client would be a big time event in my career and finally, they were on the hook.

All that was left was signing the paperwork and finding some special way to celebrate the new partnership. It took a bit of thinking to remember GiftTree, the name of the company that had sent the champagne basket to our CEO’s office last week. It was hard to forget his excited reaction; this is a man with very high standards and the basket had knocked his socks off!

But what kind of champagne to start with? The options were many and they all looked so good!

Fortunately, GiftTree’s website was very easy to navigate and helped me narrow it down in less than 5 minutes. I decided on a beautiful champagne and gourmet gift basket and received an email stating that it was packed and out the door to the office not long after I clicked the final payment button.

The next day was when it all mattered. The champagne gift basket arrived and I took it out of the box, already impressed with the detailed packaging. Wow! I was put at ease the moment I saw it.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Client Relationships with a Champagne Gift

Yet when the client came into the room I could tell that something was wrong. He said that several other companies had also recently been trying to woo him and he wasn’t sure that we were the right one. My heart dropped. He waved off my appeals to reconsider and turned to leave. I began to sweat. This couldn’t be happening.

That’s when he noticed the champagne gift basket and stopped in his tracks. I heard him whisper “woah” and sit down at the table.

The next morning I walked in to high-fives galore and my boss couldn’t stop praising me for landing such a big client. I didn’t tell him that it wasn’t me, but GiftTree that saved the day. Now I’ve got the ultimate trump card in my back pocket, all thanks to GiftTree!