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Spa Gift Baskets

Pamper someone special with our luxurious spa gift baskets and gifts for relaxation.

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Spa Gift Baskets: Honey Spa Treatment
Honey Spa Treatment
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Spa Gift Baskets: Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy
Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy
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Spa Gift Baskets: Aromatherapy Neck Wrap Animal Pillow
Aromatherapy Neck Wrap Animal Pillow
From $34.95
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The Soothing Options of Spa Gift Baskets

We all know a person or two who could use a little bit of relaxation in their lives. There are a number of techniques used to self-soothe, but one of our favorites is the fun and comfort of spa gift baskets. For that important lady in your life who's always working so hard for others and for herself, spa gift baskets are the ideal gift for her to spend some personal time unwinding in the coziest place of all, home. Spa gift baskets are a thoughtful present that demonstrates how much you care about your friend or family member. You care so much, that you want her to spend some time relieving stress and reconnecting. If you're wondering what is the perfect gift you'll find many gifts including a huge selection of spa gift baskets are an ideal choice for reflecting your thoughtfulness. You can create personalized gift baskets by adding your own message to the ribbon it arrives in. This is an excellent choice on spa gift baskets for men because though spa and gifts for guys don't always go together, when you personalize the experience it will be more fitting and meaningful. Personalization is not just for spa gift baskets, it is also ideal onholiday gift baskets. If your coworker or employee signed a new client, business gift baskets with spa items could be an appropriate choice as well. As you search our gifts you'll find that many of them carry spa gifts of some kind. With the many luxury products created from nature's best herbs spa gift baskets contain the essential elements for a truly exquisite experience. In many spa gift baskets you will find scented candles and delicious teas or fruit infusions that help create the necessary tranquil environment for complete relaxation. These combinations found in our gift baskets help to create an atmosphere perfect for the home spa experience we hope to create with our spa gift baskets. This includes bubble bath or bath salts, body wash, lotion, and a loofh or bath mitt. You will also find spa gift baskets that are specified for hand renewal, foot pampering, or facial care. If you happen to know if she loves pedicures or the feel of a fresh, clean face, spa gift baskets specialized to her preferences are a wonderful way to send your thoughts and show your of appreciation for her.

Herbal Spa Gift Baskets

It seems there's no limit to the combination of herbs and fruit extracts that create the delicious aromas and healing properties found in spa gift baskets. There's also something reassuring and soothing about using natural methods for healing the mind and body. These types of items can be sent with our birthday gift baskets as well, some see this as an alternative gift and we recommend knowing the recipient well to make sure its appropriate. A popular flower you'll find in many spa gift baskets is lavender. Known famously for its vivid scent, lavender is popular in aromatherapy to treat a variety of ailments including insomnia, arthritis, and burns. Lavender is known for its ability to help regulate mood, which is just what you need when settling down for an evening of relaxation. Another reason you'll find lavender products included in many spa gift baskets is that it is also great in hair products as it adds shine back to dry hair. Green tea is more than just a revitalizing beverage. It is also helpful for dealing with stress, a very important thing to reduce during your spa night. Green tea has several anti-aging effects due to its antioxidant properties. These products in your spa gift baskets will help keep the beauty of youth in tact in any woman, no matter her age. As an anti-inflammatory, green tea helps keep skin from appearing puffy and aids in maintaining its elasticity. For hair, green tea adds gloss and shine back to her luscious strands. Tea also pairs well with sweets and that's why you will find it in many of our cookie gift baskets. Restoring the body's health is certain to build positivity and confidence in the mind, which also applies to someone under the weather. The stress relief will make her a more lighthearted person too. Spa gift baskets are more than just a gift, a method or path to happier days. Another extract we're fond of in spa gift baskets are roses. Roses are widely favored for their beauty and lovely aroma. Roses can also make a wonderful astringent to reduce puffiness, and they help tighten the skin to promote a youthful look. Hibiscus is a flower we're particularly enamored with and yet another component found in spa gift baskets. It is very helpful against the effects of aging and regenerates hair to a silky and shiny state worthy of notice. These herbs barely touch upon the wide variety of healing properties found in nature. With unique gift baskets you are sure to heal, revitalize, relax, and soothe away aches, worries, and pains.

Much More than Just Spa Gift Baskets

If you're looking for an added surprise to your spa gifts, some of them come with delicious treats packed inside. These gourmet gift baskets can truly make the spa experience special. Chocolates are a tasty indulgence that comfort and delight the senses. Teas will soothe the body while the aromas from the bubble bath fill the air. With spa gift baskets you are giving your loved one a chance to pamper her the way you know she deserves. Keeping in mind all the soothing effects included in each and every spa gift baskets, they may offer some much needed comfort during difficult times, such as a time of loss or grief. Spa gift baskets are a thoughtful solution for someone who may need a temporary healthy escape or a little relaxation. Of course, if you're looking for gift baskets beyond the spa experience, there are also tasty options found in wine cheese gift baskets full of fresh seasonal fruits, savory snacks, complimentary wines and gourmet chocolate. Or beer gift baskets that make celebrating easy with yummy finger food snacks and a sampling of unique beers from around the world. Each includes different combinations of beverages and or gourmet snacks to satisfy the many other senses of the human body. At GiftTree we can help you find spa gift baskets or a multitude of other gifts to suit any occasion or recipient.