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The basket was perfect and my cousin was very pleasantly surprised. Nice job! I will certainly order from you again. -A. Roges
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I never thought it would happen to me.

I never win anything. But it was my first company picnic and they were passing out raffle tickets for some awesome GiftTree gift baskets, and I didn’t want to be rude. So I slid my little orange ticket stub into my wallet and went to get some hot dogs. After a quick bite it was time for the raffle!

The spread on the table near the barbeque grills had two astonishingly elegant gift baskets with gold and white ribbons, and interesting unique keepsake containers stuffed with gourmet items I could barely pronounce. From a short distance I could at least see summer sausage, smoked salmon, all kinds of gourmet chocolate, and a couple of beautiful wine bottles nestled in with some pretzels and crackers in the most modern–looking food boxes I’d ever seen. I admired it all from a distance, sure they would go to a lucky person but not me. Even so, I dug my ticket out of my wallet just to play along – no. 236302

First ticket – a paid day off: “2-3-6-3-0-0” – Jan from Accounting! Congratulations Jan. You deserve it.

2nd ticket – the largest gift basket, packed with the two awesome looking wines and all kinds of goodies: “2-3-6-3-0-1” Jeff from Customer Service! Alright!

Wow, now wait, Hold on, there are over 50 people here, and now they just read off two numbers in a row, AND mine’s next. Now I’m interested.

3rd ticket –couples getaway on Mount Hood – “2-3-6-3-0-5” – Hey, Jim from Marketing got it. Awesome. Well it wasn’t meant to be I guess. No surprises there, I never win anything.

4th ticket – the second and final gourmet gift basket: “2-3-6-3-0-2”

What?! I did a double take. That’s me! I took off my hat, stood up proudly and went forward to retrieve my basket. Everyone was jealous, rightfully so.

We eventually left the picnic and took the gift basket to our next stop, a graduation party for my brother in law. And man did everyone love it! They couldn’t stop talking about the quality of the items, the impressive showmanship, and the amount of goodies in the basket.

As we unpacked layer after layer my cousin even said she’d never seen a gift basket so impressive. Throughout the party we totally pampered ourselves with herb-encrusted salami, rosemary crackers, gouda cheese, fancy pretzels, the works!

Not everyone can be as lucky as me. But you can give the gift of a premium basket and make someone feel as lucky as I did! Check out our selections now at