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Funeral Flowers

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Funeral Flowers: Peaceful White Lilies Basket
Peaceful White Lilies Basket
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Flower Bouquets: Peaceful Garden Spray
Peaceful Garden Spray
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Flower Bouquets: White Serenity Bouquet
White Serenity Bouquet
From $49.95
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Funeral Flowers: Meadows of Memories
Meadows of Memories
New Arrival
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The flowers were excellent and the family was so touched.  Your team did a stellar job with the communication in regard to the obstacles with the funeral home and graveside service. -A. Saunders
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Funeral Wreaths: A New Sunrise Spray
A New Sunrise Spray
New Arrival
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Funeral Flowers: Serenity Wreath
Serenity Wreath
Earliest Delivery Today
Funeral Flowers: Basket of Memories
Basket of Memories
Earliest Delivery Today
Flower Bouquets: Beautiful in Blue Bouquet
Beautiful in Blue Bouquet
From $59.95
Earliest Delivery Today
Flower Bouquets: Heavenly Tribute Bouquet
Heavenly Tribute Bouquet
From $62.95
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Plants: Peace Lily
Peace Lily
From $39.95
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Funeral Flowers: Beautiful Dreams Bouquet
Beautiful Dreams Bouquet
New Arrival
From $69.95
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Funeral Wreaths: Compassionate Standing Spray
Compassionate Standing Spray
Earliest Delivery Today
Plants: Basket of Joy
Basket of Joy
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Funeral Flowers: Loving Lilies & Roses Bouquet
Loving Lilies & Roses Bouquet
Earliest Delivery Today
Funeral Flowers: Ringed by Love Bouquet
Ringed by Love Bouquet
Earliest Delivery Today
Plants: From the Garden
From the Garden
From $49.95
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Flower Bouquets: Sweet Tranquility Basket
Sweet Tranquility Basket
From $54.95
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Roses: The Graceful Grandeur
The Graceful Grandeur
Earliest Delivery Today
Flower Bouquets: Love's Eternal Memory Bouquet
Love's Eternal Memory Bouquet
From $89.95
Earliest Delivery Today
Funeral Flowers: Love's Tapestry Bouquet
Love's Tapestry Bouquet
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Commemorate the Life of a Loved One with Flowers

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a cherished friend, family member, or loved one. When words fail to express your condolences or when you simply want to send a gift of well wishes, send the gift of funeral flowers. Funeral flowers serve the dual purpose of celebrating the life of a loved one with their colorful and varied beauty while also bringing a breath of fresh air into the lives of the bereaved. Flowers are eternally full of color and fragrance, and can help to brighten the mood of any room. Of course for a funeral, you may choose to send more subdued and elegant flowers in muter tones: the decision is entirely up to you and how you perceive the deceased’s preferences. It’s often a good idea to send a bouquet of the deceased’s favorite flowers. This will show that you deeply cared about the deceased and were intimately aware of their likes and dislikes. Whichever type of funeral flowers you decide to send, however, you can rest assured that the beautiful blooms will be appreciated by all who see them.

The Many Types of Funeral Flowers

Not limited to just standard bouquet arrangements, funeral flowers come in many forms, including a casket spray, floral cross, wreath, heart, traditional basket, or an arrangement with a candle nestled in it. Many people chose to send flower baskets for easy transportation from the funeral parlor to the home while others may choose a standing arrangement that could be easily transported graveside. The many different types of funeral flowers make it easy for you to find an expression of your sympathy and condolences. Often funeral flowers will contain a multitude of different flower varieties to express a tribute to a full and prosperous life. You can, however, always try something different by sending a bouquet of a single variety, such as a bouquet of roses or lilies. When you send a gift of funeral flowers, you may include a thoughtful banner or personal note with your gift; your personal touch will add meaning and value to your gift every time.

The Gift of a Living Planter to Represent Life

Dish gardens and living planter baskets may contain a variety of live plants. Whichever plant is featured, the living planter will add the beauty of a garden to a funeral home, church, or other sympathy setting. When sent to the funeral home, the dish gardens can then be taken home as a keepsake to be kept by family and friends, and to serve as a living reminder of the deceased. Living planters and dish gardens also make wonderful funeral flowers for their representation of life and growth. When a loved one passes, it can be easy to focus on the negative aspect of the passing, but with a living planter, the bereaved can be reminded of continued life and the importance of carrying on passed what seems like a tragedy at the time. Memorial trees can also be considered as a type of funeral flower that is also a living memorial. Whether you are starting from seed or seedling, your memorial tree symbolically carries on the life of the deceased and acts as a lasting comfort to the bereaved.