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Easter Gifts

Fresh flowers & delicious treats to make their Easter egg-stra special!

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Food & Fruit Baskets: Basket of Easter Treats
Basket of Easter Treats
From $49.95
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Fruit Gift Baskets: Easter Parade
Easter Parade
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Flower Bouquets: Spring Serenade Bouquet
Spring Serenade Bouquet
From $49.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Flower Bouquets: Polka Dots & Posies
Polka Dots & Posies
From $39.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Fruit Gift Baskets: Healthy Choices Fruit Gift
Healthy Choices Fruit Gift
Ships Tomorrow
Plants: White Easter Lily Potted Plant
White Easter Lily Potted Plant
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Food & Fruit Baskets: Sweet Bunny Basket
Sweet Bunny Basket
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Fruit Gift Baskets: The Orchard Fruit Basket
The Orchard Fruit Basket
From $59.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Flower Bouquets: Simply Sublime
Simply Sublime
From $57.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Flower Bouquets: Tender Heart Bouquet
Tender Heart Bouquet
From $39.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Flower Bouquets: Enchanted Cottage
Enchanted Cottage
From $49.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Fruit Gift Baskets: Back to Nature
Back to Nature
From $49.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Flower Bouquets: Easter Celebration Basket
Easter Celebration Basket
From $57.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Fruit Gift Baskets: Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket
Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket
From $79.95
Ships Tomorrow
Flower Bouquets: One Fine Day Bouquet
One Fine Day Bouquet
From $49.95
Earliest Delivery Tomorrow
Wine Baskets: The Royal Treatment Wine Gift Basket
The Royal Treatment Wine Gift Basket
From $49.95
Ships Tomorrow
Specialty Gifts: Lavender Eggling
Lavender Eggling
Ships Tomorrow
Wine Baskets: Craft Beer & Snacks Basket
Craft Beer & Snacks Basket
From $69.95
Ships Tomorrow
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Better than Flowers: A New Option for Easter Gifts

It was my first Easter in our family's new house, and I had pretty much resigned myself to the reality that I would have to have some Easter gifts delivered this year. I had made it a tradition since the kids were small to make a handmade Easter gift for each of them. I would buy all the candy, the fake grass, the bunny, the baskets, cellophane, the bows and everything myself. I really liked putting in the time to do it and they always seemed to cherish their baskets.

But this year, in the middle of picking out curtains, carpet, landscaping, kitchen cabinets, and paint swatches and I just didn't have time to make anything for them. I was disappointed, but I figured they'd understand, and with everything happening online these days, it might be worth a shot to try to buy something pre-made and have it delivered to the kids at our new place.

A friend had recommended a couple of options online, so one afternoon about a week before Easter I put down the dustpan and broom and got out my smartphone, and found one of the sites she recommended. The prices for everything seemed fine, and while I knew the gifts this company had wouldn't be quite as good as what I would make myself, I figured they would be "good enough" and I just couldn't bear for the kids to be without at least some kind of Easter gift come morning. So I ordered three similar baskets with chocolate and candy and a little stuffed bunny, set them to arrive about three days before Easter, crossed my fingers and waited.

Thursday came and went.

Friday came and went.

And then Saturday came and went.

I panicked. It was 8 pm on the night before Easter and I had nothing to give my kids!

They went to bed. I ended up writing them each a note that I left on their nightstands, and walked down the road to the corner store to buy flowers to place with the note so at least they would have something.

The kids woke up the next morning, and while they didn't exactly complain about the flowers, their response was tepid at best. They each thanked me and gave me a hug, but it was nothing like in years past. Some years it even felt like Christmas with them exclaiming for joy, running to give me a hug and showing off what they had gotten to their siblings. This time, it was just about the opposite of that. I was mortified.

That morning while the kids went out with some new neighbor friends that they had made, I called the customer service line of my friend's company. No answer. I tried three times in an hour. Nothing.

Later that day my sister came over for lunch and to help me with the kids' egg hunt. I told her about this horrible experience, to which she empathized and said, "Why didn't you use GiftTree?"

I had never heard of it. She told me they were her go-to source for gifts for all occasions and they never let her down. How I wish I had had this recommendation a week before!

The Easter baskets I bought literally never came. I called customer service on Monday morning, and to my surprise, they picked up the phone. I demanded an explanation and their rep stated that they had sold out of the baskets, failed to contact me, and offered me a gift certificate on my next order as compensation for the mistake.

My next order?! I promised them that my next order would be with GiftTree, hung up the phone and went straight to the bank to set up a chargeback. What a nightmare!

By the next Easter, I went straight to GiftTree. There I was able to find Easter gifts that I hadn't seen anywhere else and were actually BETTER than what I could do! They had gorgeous Faberge eggs, impressive European chocolates and the most beautiful plush bundles. My kids wouldn't be let down this year.

I ordered a week ahead, the baskets arrived in just two days, and in perfect condition. It seemed like whoever made the baskets had paid attention to every single detail – the ribbon, the gift-wrap, the quality of ingredients in the basket and the durability of the basket itself.

My 11-year old son got to open a gorgeous vintage suitcase full of name-brand chocolates and a satin ribbon with his name personalized on it.

The first words out of his mouth?

"Mom, wow. This is so much better than flowers!"

I had to agree. The previous year had been such a let-down, but it was all wiped away thanks to GiftTree. What a relief it is to have found a permanent and reliable company to provide wonderful and unique Easter gifts for my family.