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Gourmet Gift Baskets: Executive Choice Gourmet Gift Basket
Executive Choice Gourmet Gift Basket
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Cookie Gift Baskets: Double Delight Tower with One Dozen Cookies
Double Delight Tower with One Dozen Cookies
Ships Today
Wine Baskets: The Finer Things Gift Basket
The Finer Things Gift Basket
Ships Today
Gourmet Gift Baskets: Gourmet Nuts & Confections Gift Chest
Gourmet Nuts & Confections Gift Chest
Ships Today
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The office loved the cakes! I can't thank you enough for your great customer service and the wonderful condition in which they arrived. -A. Johannsen
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Chocolate & Sweet Baskets: Encore Gourmet Gift Basket
Encore Gourmet Gift Basket
Ships Today
Wine Baskets: California Classic Wine Basket
California Classic Wine Basket
From $44.95
Ships Today
Fruit Gift Baskets: Fruit & Gourmet Delight
Fruit & Gourmet Delight
Ships Today
Gift Towers: Coffee Companion Gourmet Gift Tower
Coffee Companion Gourmet Gift Tower
New Arrival
Ships Today
Wine Baskets: The Corporate Clincher
The Corporate Clincher
From $79.95
Ships Today
Luxury Gift Baskets: Corporate Cuisine Gift Basket
Corporate Cuisine Gift Basket
Ships Today
Luxury Wine Baskets: The Royal Champagne Gift Basket
The Royal Champagne Gift Basket
From $169.95
Ships Today
Fruit Gift Baskets: Healthy Choices Fruit Gift
Healthy Choices Fruit Gift
Ships Today
Gift Towers: Fruit & Gourmet Tower
Fruit & Gourmet Tower
New Arrival
Ships Tuesday
Chocolate & Sweet Baskets: Four Seasons Gourmet Gift Basket
Four Seasons Gourmet Gift Basket
Ships Today
Wine Baskets: The Classic Wine Duet
The Classic Wine Duet
From $49.95
Ships Today
Gift Services Warehouse: Premium Thank You Collection
Premium Thank You Collection
Ships Today
Coffee & Tea Gift Baskets: Peet's Coffee Chest
Peet's Coffee Chest
Ships Today
Spa Gift Baskets: Organic Spa Basket
Organic Spa Basket
Ships Today
Gift Towers: Tropical Indulgence Gourmet Tower
Tropical Indulgence Gourmet Tower
Ships Today
Personalized Wine Gifts: Engraved Wine Tool Set
Engraved Wine Tool Set
Ships Today
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Stress Test: An Executive Assistant’s Corporate Gift Story

Ever had your heart beat so fast you thought you might pass out?

Not long after my boss had thrown a quarterly report memo, presentation requirements, and a stack of notebooks needing analysis on my desk did it start to beat a little faster. When he asked how ordering the corporate gifts was going so far, my heart started racing. I had totally forgotten!

And only 3 days remained until clients would start expecting them.

Where to find 85 corporate gifts that could be delivered all across the country? My mind was drawing a blank so as always, Google held the keys to my salvation. A few strange websites of baby gifts later I found myself at Wow, this was like a breath of fresh air.

An attractive website with easily searchable categories? The perfect thing for a stressed out assistant like me!

A special wine bottle caught my attention and after clicking on it, woah! They let me engrave a message AND our company logo onto a bottle of some high quality red wine. Even though money wasn’t a huge concern for these gifts I knew my boss would be happy to find I had sent something so affordable as well.

Each our clients had a different address so I began adding each bottle individually. It didn’t take long before I realized this tedious task wouldn’t leave me much time to tackle the looming stack of papers and notebooks. The time crunch was getting to me, and my heart started racing again.

Just as I was starting to pound my head against the desk I noticed GiftTree had a link to a corporate order form, and I could send them a spreadsheet with all the names and addresses for them to plug in. What a relief!

Less than a minute later I received an email confirmation and it seemed like everything was all set. The rest of the day went by in a blur, I completed everything I needed to and grabbed my things to leave for the night.

I checked the email one more time just to be sure and boy was I glad I did, I had been so scatterbrained that our competitor’s name had been engraved on the gifts by mistake!

Not only that but the status said ‘shipped’ for each bottle! My heart began to pound out of control.

The only option left was to call GiftTree and hope the folks there had magic powers that could save me from certain doom. I pulled up some job search websites as I dialed their number, no way my boss would forgive this boneheaded move.

Yet by some stroke of luck and GiftTree’s talented people they managed to stop the corporate wine gifts from shipping and were even able to fix the engravings! When they said that it would still be shipped same day I was beyond impressed but when they said there were no penalty fees I was in awe.

With such remarkable service it made sense to get a couple of gift baskets for my mom’s birthday and sister’s graduation at the same time. Less stress at work and at home thanks to GiftTree!

When the day came for our client’s wine bottles to arrive the calls started as a trickle at first, but soon enough they became a flood. The creative presentation and beautiful company logo astonished everyone, some even called in fighting back tears they were so blown away! Not to mention my sister and mom practically blowing up my phone with their own deluge of praises!

They may have been wine bottles but what I really gave was the gift of happiness, and GiftTree gave me the gift of a steady heart rate and a few less gray hairs.