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Wine Baskets: Birthday Beer Basket
Birthday Beer Basket
From $69.95
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Gift Towers: Tropical Indulgence Gourmet Tower
Tropical Indulgence Gourmet Tower
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Cookie Gift Baskets: Happy Birthday Cookie Bucket
Happy Birthday Cookie Bucket
Ships Today
Fruit Gift Baskets: Healthy Choices Fruit Gift
Healthy Choices Fruit Gift
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I placed an order for a birthday gift for a friend and it just arrived and is better than pictured! You guys have my business! -C. Diallo
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Home Decor: Joyful Birthday Candle
Joyful Birthday Candle
Ships Today
Cookie Gift Baskets: Double Delight Tower with One Dozen Cookies
Double Delight Tower with One Dozen Cookies
Ships Today
Spa Gift Baskets: Bath & Body Invigoration
Bath & Body Invigoration
Ships Today
Gift Towers: Fruit & Gourmet Tower
Fruit & Gourmet Tower
New Arrival
Ships Tuesday
Wine Baskets: California Wine Celebration
California Wine Celebration
From $44.95
Ships Today
Balloons & Bear: Birthday Balloons & Bear-4 Mylar
Birthday Balloons & Bear-4 Mylar
Earliest Delivery Today
Gourmet Gift Baskets: The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket
The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket
Ships Today
Personalized Wine Gifts: Customized Birthday Wishes Wine Gift
Customized Birthday Wishes Wine Gift
Ships Tue Sep 2nd
Chocolate & Sweet Baskets: Birthday Gala Gift Basket
Birthday Gala Gift Basket
Ships Today
Gourmet Gift Baskets: Gourmet Nuts & Confections Gift Chest
Gourmet Nuts & Confections Gift Chest
Ships Today
Flower Bouquets: Be Happy Bouquet
Be Happy Bouquet
From $39.95
Earliest Delivery Today
Wine Baskets: Toast of California Wine Basket
Toast of California Wine Basket
Ships Today
Gift Towers: Gourmet Decadence Cookie Tower
Gourmet Decadence Cookie Tower
Ships Today
Wine Baskets: The Luxury Birthday Gift Basket
The Luxury Birthday Gift Basket
Ships Today
Fruit Gift Baskets: Junk Food Basket
Junk Food Basket
Earliest Delivery Today
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An Unexpected Birthday Gift

It wasn't even my birthday, and the birthday gift definitely wasn't mine, but everyone thought it was.

It was just after second hour, and my 10th grade physics class was just coming to an end when over the intercom came a nasally message: “Mr. Robertson, please come to the teacher's lounge to collect your birthday gift.” The kids all rolled their eyes and snickered self-consciously. “Weird,” I said. “My birthdays not until October.”

Once inside the teacher's lounge I found a large, beautifully wrapped birthday gift on the table next to the coffee station that said “To: Mr. Robertson, From All of Us at Sunset Heights.” Stunned, I looked around the room to ask someone what was going on. The only one there was the office assistant, Janis. I told Janis that it really wasn't my birthday, and after I proved it to her with my driver's license, she exclaimed “Oh, my! I always thought this might happen.”

Turns out that last year there was a janitor named Mr. Robertson, but he quietly retired last year, and no one really noticed, so no one took his name out of the staff directory. Tradition was that everyone would pitch in a few dollars and the office would select something nice for each staff member each month. I guess they didn't take Mr. Robertson The Janitor off the list, so everyone just saw the email, sent in their money and Janis bought the gift!

“How interesting. Well, let's see what it is. No sense in it going to waste.” I untied the satin bow and unwrapped the beautiful packaging that was done just like my mom used to do it. Perfect corners, no creases or wrinkles. The shipping box underneath said

“Huh, GiftTree, eh? Catchy name.” Inside the box I found a snack tower with beautiful ornate papering, and full of cookies, pretzels, popcorn, nuts. Seeing that I was impressed, Janis said they had set up an account through because it just made sense to get the gifts from one place each month, and the overwhelming response they would get from the teachers. “Yeah, no kidding!” I said. “This is awesome!”

So after we cleared up the mix up, I munched on some tasty dark chocolate pretzels and went back to my classroom to check out GiftTree myself. And goodness sakes alive, to say their birthday gifts were impressive was a massive understatement! Turns out they can do not only towers, but they can deliver fresh flowers, same day, and with just a couple days notice can deliver specialty cookies, nice wines, and even birthday cakes - interesting! And the site was so easy to use, I bookmarked it immediately and made a mental note to buy myself a birthday gift a couple months down the road.

I got up from my desk and wandered back to the lounge to collect the rest of the gift, where I found an elderly man walking out of the lounge with the tower! Looks like Mr Robertson The Janitor had come to school to see an old friend and find out if there was a birthday gift waiting for him. I guess he really misses the place. I ducked into an adjacent storage closet until he was gone, and chided myself for even thinking about taking someone else's birthday gift. But those pretzels were so good…..

Hopefully your luck will be better than Janis' was on Mr Robertson's birthday, and the gift you send won't end up in my hands! But good luck or no, let really wow them next time you need to send an outstanding birthday gift.