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Birthstone Information, Facts, History & Gifts

A birthstone is the "gemstone associated with the date of one's birth, the wearing of which is commonly thought to bring good luck or health. Supernatural powers have long been attributed by astrologers to certain gemstones." - Encyclopedia Britannica

The following list of birthstones, which is the one commonly used today, was adopted in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers, which later evolved into the Jewelers of America.

Month Color Stone
January Dark Red Garnet
February Purple Amethyst
March Pale Blue Aquamarine
April White (clear) Diamond
May Bright Green Emerald
June Pearl Alexandrite
July Red Ruby
August Pale Green Peridot
September Deep Blue Sapphire
October Variegated Opal or Tourmaline
November Yellow Topaz or Citrine
December Sky Blue Tourquois / Blue Topaz