Celebrating Earth Day at GiftTree

Earth day is coming up fast on April 22nd – that’s next Wednesday! Are you planning to celebrate this year by incorporating some more earth friendly practices into your home, office and day-to-day life? Here at GiftTree we’ve made several changes...

5 Traits of a Habitually Great Gift Giver

A great gift giver is one in a million. How many times have you been given a wrapped gift and dreaded having to open it and pretend you loved it while the person looked on expectantly? Think of that one friend who just seems to “get” you, and gets the gift...

The GiftTree Easter Egg Hunt

We’re hosting the ultimate Easter egg hunt – on our website! Search on the Easter Gifts page on GiftTree.com for this adorable, colorful Easter egg. Hint: the egg will move to a new product each day! After you find it, enter via one or all of the below 7 ways each day...

Our Contest is About to Hatch!

For 7 days, starting March 25th through March 31st – We’re hosting the ultimate Easter egg hunt – on our website! Search on the Easter Gifts page on GiftTree.com for this adorable, colorful easter egg. After you find it, here’s how you can...

St. Patrick’s Day by the Numbers

This year, we decided to dive a little deeper and dig up some interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day! Check out this infographic to learn about this fascinating holiday’s history, facts and figures from around the world. Use the social icons to share...

Spring Break: Portland, Oregon

GiftTree’s headquarters and West Coast shipping hub is based just outside of Portland, Oregon in beautiful Vancouver, Washington. If you know anything about the Pacific Northwest, you know it rains. As you can imagine, the mention of spring and drier weather excites...

Plan a Romantic Valentine’s at Home

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s probably too late to make reservations at your favorite restaurant. No need to panic though, here are a few simple tips to plan a romantic Valentine’s evening in. Although a night out is traditional, an intimate night...

Infographic: Valentine’s Day By The Numbers

Having provided great gifts to millions of customers for over 17 years, GiftTree knows a thing or two about Valentine’s Day! This year, we decided to dig deeper. We hit the books (or the Internet), broke out our calculators and crunched the numbers to give you...
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Earth day is April 22nd! How will you celebrate? Learn more about what we've done below:

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Celebrating Earth Day at GiftTree


Earth day is coming up soon on April 22nd! Here at GiftTree we've made several changes over the years to incorporate greener practices into our business.

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These stories prove people are making a difference everyday. #Shareyourtalent #GivingBack

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19 Photo Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Kindness breeds kindness. Spread the word!

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April is National Stress Awareness Month. Remember to stop, breathe and think of all the things you are grateful for in your life. #Reducestress #Rejuvenate

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