January 2015
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    Who’s the Fool?

    So one year I decided to play the ultimate April Fools joke on my friend here, Jen Crego. She had been harassing me and harassing me about having a baby so I had the brilliant idea to tell her I was pregnant! I marched into her office and announced the news. I’m pregnant! She was so excited that she welled up for a second. Then I blurted out APRIL FOOLS! Well, I guess the joke was on me… I was pregnant, but I didn’t even know it. Oh Brother, I’m never going to live that one down! My first born received the Baby MD Three-Peice Layette Set from my lovely co-workers. And my second actually wore it too!

    Moral of the story: Be careful what you say on April Fools, I may just come back to bite you! LOL :D

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    3 Responses to “Who’s the Fool?”

    1. I remember this like it was yesterday! Soo funny!

    2. Ahahaha! I remember that day so well. I think you’re being kind. I’m pretty sure I was tearing up and a little snotty almost instantly. :)

    3. Hmmm, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t do the same thing to her this year!

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