January 2015
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    What Would You Like to Find in Your Office?

    When purchasing corporate gifts for an individual or perhaps an entire office with whom you are not on personal terms, sometimes it’s best to ask yourself: what would you like to find in your office?

    Some guidelines: big, bright flowers are always a welcome surprise as are delicious desserts and gourmet goodies. Be wary of sending alcohol for occasions where it may not be appropriate (as in a daytime office party where people might be tempted to imbibe a little too much).  Desktop accessories and coffee mugs can be great for an individual, but will obviously cause some problems if this is an item meant to be shared.

    Check out our extensive line of corporate gifts for some outside-of-the-box ideas. Our Chocolate Thank You for Corporate Clients, for instance, is a delicious way to thank someone. Plus, the gift certainly passes the self-questioning test on my part as I can say with certainty that I would be delighed to find eight boxes of chocolate confections on my desk one day…

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    1. I know I would love to find this in my office!!!

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