February 2015
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    What To Do For Your Right Hand?

    Tea Forte Magnolia MugNow I don’t mean your right hand literally, I mean that certain person at work that you dump every task you cannot finish on. Or the person who brings you your messages and that piping hot cup of coffee you can’t get through the day without. Admin’s Day is technically the 27th of April this year, however it usually just runs the whole week because bosses forget! We know, you are busy! It’s hard to remember everything, but don’t forget to recognize this person. I know what you are thinking, well they get a paycheck don’t they? Yes, but even just a thank you card would do. It’s not about the gift, it’s about morale. This person works hard to help you get through each day successfully, so show them you see that! We designate a whole page to these people, take 5 minutes to check out our Admin’s Day Gifts. While flowers are always wonderful (and easy for you), I personally like the Tea Forte Magnolia Mug. Help them get their day started with a hot cup of tea so they can be ready for you! They don’t drink tea? Okay then try the Admin’s monogrammed Mug. If you’re not quite sure what this person likes the good old fall back is the Contemporary Dish Garden. Seriously people, don’t forget!

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    One Response to “What To Do For Your Right Hand?”

    1. Good job i love you ideas for what to do for your right hand.
      Thank you for post.

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