January 2015
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    Wedding Anniversary

    Sunflower Patch BouquetGuest Blogger: Mindy

    This week marks my mom and step father’s two year wedding anniversary. They decided to go all out and take a trip to Washington DC for a week and I am thinking, what would be a better thing for this loving daughter to do than to send her parents something nice to their hotel room. They will love the surprise while they are across the country and not expecting to hear from their favorite (and only) daughter.

    I am going to be sending them the Sunflower Patch Bouquet. My mom absolutely loves sunflowers. They are so beautiful and I know she will love the arrangement, and me for getting them for her! I better win daughter of the year or something. I just hope my parents have a great trip and know that I am thinking about them while they are gone, mostly because I miss the home cooked meals! (just kidding, mom!)

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    2 Responses to “Wedding Anniversary”

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    2. Thats awesome! hope everything went well and she liked the sunflowers :D

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