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    Valentine’s Day Contest – Become a SweetHero!

    My husband and I were recently talking about memorable moments we’ve had in the 15 years that we’ve been married. Valentine’s Day of 2002 is one of my favorites. I had just given birth to our daughter, and our son was 2 years old. My husband had to go out of town on a business trip for several days and as luck would have it, both kids became very sick. Juggling two sick kids by myself to numerous doctor visits was an overwhelming task. After a long day, I was about to have myself a good cry when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked outside and saw the biggest flower arrangement I’ve ever seen. Overjoyed, I opened the door and the delivery driver hands me the flowers and said “Your husband told us to let you know he’s sorry he can’t be here with you today.” I thanked the delivery man and was about to close the door, but he said “Hold on, that’s not it!” and proceeded to go out to his truck and get another HUGE flower arrangement. Oh. My. Goodness. Not 1…not 2… but FIVE arrangements later (and some balloons for our toddler) I was able to say goodbye to the delivery driver. It was amazing! My whole house smelled like a floral shop, there were flowers EVERYWHERE. My husband also called shortly after to let me know that he was able to change his flight so he could come home 12 hours earlier to us. He was my SweetHERO!!

    Do you need help being a SweetHero this Valentine’s Day? Tell us why – Do you need to redeem yourself after a not so hot Valentine’s Day gift last year? Do you want to propose this year? Do you need a little romantic gifting guidance? Let us know why you need GiftTree’s help to be a SweetHero this year and you’ll be entered to win! First place will receive a gorgeous Two Dozen Red Rose Delight bouquet hand delivered to their Valentine. We’ll also choose two runner up’s who will each win a Valentine’s Day Cookie Bouquet.
    More ways to win!
    “Like” GiftTree on Facebook and leave a post on our wall, telling us why you need our help to be a SweetHero

    Deadline to enter: midnight (PST),  Friday, Feb 10th 2012. The winner will be selected by GiftTree’s Blog Team and notified by email. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.

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    56 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Contest – Become a SweetHero!”

    1. What a sweet, touching story. I remember those days when the kids are young and how much I dreaded when hubby was going to be away. Isn’t it nice to know that they’re there for you even when they are away.

    2. Hi, Alicia! Who knew my brother was such a sweet romantic guy :) Hard to believe that you’ve been married that long already. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day


    4. I would love some help being a Sweethero to my mom this year. She probably won’t be with us much longer and I’d dearly love to show her how much she means to me. Thank you!

    5. I need to be a SweetHero because we are coming up on 10 years of marriage and I have never been good at giving those sweet gifts to show I care. My husband is definitely better at that. I would like to surprise him for a change!

    6. I need some help being a sweethero this year because my fiance has been helping me out so much with the wedding plans. I was getting really stressed out about how much it all costs, and he offered to hand-make our invitations, and our cake, saving us hundreds of dollars! I want to show him how special he makes me feel!

    7. Corry Engelbrecht Says:

      Awwww, your story made me tear up! How sweet! I’m not actually part of a couple, so really, the only person I can be a sweet hero to is myself. I’ve had a very rough couple of years and I’ve had bad luck with guys in the past, and though I spent my teens and early twenties always depressed and down on myself when I was single, I’ve worked very hard to get myself to a point in which I am able to be alone and not feel like a loser because of it. Because of everything I’ve gone through, I’ve decided it’s best to stay single and learn to love myself before I try to get into a relationship again. But sometimes, especially around this time of year, I still feel that little tug of longing when I see those around me get beautiful flowers and gifts. When I have a few bucks to spare, I’ll sometimes buy myself 2 or 3 single flowers to brighten up my apartment, but I’ve never been able to afford a whole bouquet, much less TWO for myself! I would love something like that! I hope my singledom doesn’t disqualify me!

    8. The love of my life I never thought I would find…………he knew I had Multiple Sclerosis when he started dating me (yep, he was brave) and now he is my #1 advocate! He goes with me to see every doctor, he keeps up to date on the newest meds and treatments available………..he has fought harder for my health than I ever did…………and now I am doing better! I have seen people ditch a relationship because of ill health……..but my Mike has never faltered!

    9. Meredith Jones Says:

      I often have to work overnight on Valentine’s Day, so I need help this year to make up for the past few lackluster Valentine’s Days. I would love to surprise my husband and show him that I haven’t forgotten what the day is all about!

    10. I would really love for this to go to my mom. She has been through alot and I think this would really cheer her up. (:

    11. I have been married to my sweetheart for 32 years. We have just become empty nesters and I must say I have not adjusted well and he has been super supportive so I would love to do something romantic and sizzling to let him know he does come first~

    12. I don’t usually enter these contests but I want to win this for my wife. I am a disabled Veteran and she has been my rock, my advocate, my champion through all my illness. As we battle the VA to cover medications and treatment she has been there for me. I am attending college full time, while working full time and I could not do this without her.

      She was in a car accident and is fearfully facing surgery, and knowing how much she loves roses I think this prize would cheer her up.

    13. Dianna Murrah Says:

      Would be nice to have flowers sent, can’t remember the last time it happened

    14. Priscilla Travis Says:

      I would love to give beautiful, exquisite roses to my number one lady, my precious Mother. Her husband will never do it, as he has abused her for all of her life. She is the sweetest, most considerate, most loving, most giving, most sacrificing lady that has ever walked the face of the Earth. And I love her with all of my heart, plus another heart!! She is a miraculous bone cancer survivor, (while her husband continues to smoke in her face, and abuse her spiritually, daily), who just lost her beloved son to death this summer, and has had all of her hopes and dreams for herself dashed by her controlling, abusive husband, all of her life. I would LOVE to surprise her, and give her this precious gift of beautiful flowers (she LOVES flowers!) delivered to her door, to brighten her day, and her week, and give her new, pretty memories to harbor in her heart, even after the flowers are gone. She needs so much prettiness in her life… I can’t afford to do it, as I have to sell my blood plasma twice a week, in addition to working a full-time job, just to survive, with NO frills! I would do it myself, if I could. If you choose her, you would be giving an 80-year old sweetest lady, a beautiful, beautiful gift. Thank-you.

    15. I would love to give this roses to my mother-in-law who recently had knee surgery. Instead of her knee getting better, it became worse. It developed some blood in it and it’s been giving her a lot of pain. She has been helping us by watching our son for us when we needed help. She also watched her other grandkids even though she’s in pain. I would love to do something nice for her.

    16. Dustyn Breidel Says:

      Hi,My name is Dustyn, I am in 10th grade.I seen this on my moms(Heather)facebook.When she read it she said I wish I had a sweethero! My brother sister and I,want to be our moms sweethero this year. I think she is the best Momma ever. My mom homeschools me, my brother and, my little sister. She doesn’t yell when we wont listen or we goof off too much, she just waits and then gives us more chores later.She helps us with anything we need. My mom always makes sure we have time with our friends before she has time with hers. She is kind to everyone in our town and helps out on community projects even when she doesn’thave a lot of time. My mom takes care of my grandma and my papa everyday. She gets up when its dark and is home by 9 for our school. After she makes dinner she drives out to my grandma and papas and makes dinner for them or she takes some of ours for them. Mom gets tired but she just says We do for other people what we want them to do for us. My mom says my dad is her hero but, he isnt very romantic. I do not remember him ever buying her roses.I want my mom to win this so she knows how speacial we all think she is. she works so hard for us to have good things,and to make sure we have the right education. This year when my sister and I ran for the royal court in our town our mom spent almost every day of her summer helping us sell tickets, planning things for the royal court and helping make everything perfect. Now I am the king and my sister is princess. With out moms help, i dont think we could of done so well.Our mom is very speacial to us and the people she knows. I want to see her smile. She deserves a speacial days as great as her.

      Thank you

    17. This year, I would like something special to give to my sweetheart. I have been diagnosed with Lupus and have been out of work for a year. My sweetheart has been working himself to the grind to help support our household; he not only works tons of overtime which includes 13 day spans without days off, but he also comes home and helps me with anything that needs to be done. I cannot afford much this year so becoming his Sweethero would be amazing. I have never given roses to a male but would also like to share them with my mother, who has been an inspiration to me and helps us out all the time. I don’t know what I would do without my sweetheart and mom!

    18. My hero would be my 86 year old dad. When my son was born he said his goal would be to be at his High School graduation. Three years ago he was diagnosed with Bladder cancer. He fought it and is cancer free. This is the second time he beat cancer. Last year he had a heart attack and survived. After he recovered he had a stroke and lost his speech. He spent two months recovering and miraculously made a full recovery. My son will graduated High School in June of this year. As as my dad said nothing is going to stop him from being there

    19. I would love to be a superhero for my mom, she is such a big help to me, and is always doing things around the house and preparing big meals. She could use something really sweet, from her baby daughter, showing my appreciation for her goodness to me. My dads out of work so maybe they could be from both of us. Although I would not want to show him up, I’m sure she will be getting flowers.

    20. Alicia Chandler Says:

      I could really use some help surprising my ‘honey’ this Valentine’s Day. It has been a really rough year. We have only been together a little over two years, so we should still be in our ‘honeymoon period’. Unfortunately, that ended ubruptly early last June, when I had a strange pain shooting through my right side. My mother was up visiting, we had just had a nice visit and steak dinner… I went to get up, and went right back down with the pain. In the next couple weeks, I had tons of tests and scans, and was referred to an oncologist/gynecologist/urologist. I was just scared and wanted the pain to stop, but I wasn’t quite prepared for his answer to the problem… a complete hysterectomy, both ovaries removed, and a transvaginal mesh sling inserted. He scheduled the surgery right away. I went home and cried, prayed, and finally decided I should trust him, since he has had the medical training. I went ahead and had the surgery.

      Since that date, I have been suffering unbearable pain, and nonstop infections, due to the hard plastic eroding through me. I found out that the sling he used was one of those that is all over the commercials for the lawsuits, and that he had received a strong warning against using them from the FDA, just about a month before he used it in me. We started finding out all kinds of horror stories about this doc, and I am getting ready for another surgery to have the sling removed, and likely many more surgeries in the future.

      Sorry for the long story, but to sum it all up, my man has stood by me through all of this. If anyone is worthy of an extra special gift this Valentine’s Day, it would be him!!!

    21. Alfonso Arce Says:

      My wife would be totally blown away.

    22. I’m following you on Facebook and I desperately need your help to be the hero. My husband and I have been apart for over a year due to his service to the country. I miss him so very much and I honestly think that even men need some flowers sometimes.

      We will actually get to see each other this Valentines day and I would love to meet him at the airport on Saturday with them.

    23. How romantic!!! <3 <3

      My husband and I usually don't celebrate holidays-even the bigger ones- not because we don't want to, but usually because we can't seem to find the extra dollars to stretch in the budget.

      This year, the hubster is unemployed, and we just crossed into our third trimester with baby #3. YOU (and GiftTree)would be our SweetHero this year by blessing our home with a bouquet of fresh roses, to remind us to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.. and to appreciate all of the blessings we do have.

    24. I need to be a hero for my husband to show him how appreciated everything he has done and continues to do daily is. I lost my job back in June and have looked and applied everywhere with I’m sure everyone else out there. He encourages me to not get discouraged because one place will say I’m over qualified, another will say I need more qualifications etc. He gets up every morning come rain, sleet or shine and gets into his directv van by 630 AM to install and fix other peoples television systems sometimes working until passed 10PM, and comes home smiling no matter how badly his day went. Despite the limited income managed to still surprise me with a birthday party just to see me smile and show me how much he loves me, and I would really love to make Valentine’s Day special for him. It’s not just a holiday for we women, but is a holiday to celebrate all love new and old, and I can’t wait to grow old with this man I fall in love with every day.

    25. I don’t think that I have ever sent my hubby flowers for Valentine’s Day. He is my hero and has been for the past 38 years! This would be a great gesture if I win.

    26. Brittney House Says:

      My husband and I are pretty good at doing romantic things for each other. We’ve been together for a while but we still know how to keep the flame going.

    27. We have three family birthdays in February so I could certainly use some help being a Valentine SweetHero.


    28. My wife and I started dating around Valentine’s Day 22 years ago. It has always been a special time for us. These were the days before cell phones (some people did have those car phones that were the size of a brick & were carried in a tote bag) & internet. I really got to know my wife and her true character through letters. We wrote each other nearly every day. Most of the letters were about college courses and exams, but among the day-to-day stuff was a glimpse into the hopes and dreams that we would one day share. Of course, being young one always assumes that all of the dreams will come true and that nothing bad will ever happen. We have celebrated the good, weathered the bad, and remained constant in our love and devotion to one another. I would like to be a my wife’s SweetHero on Valentine’s Day and every day of the year – just like she has been mine.

    29. Valentines is all about celebrating Love. I would like to enter this not to celebrate the type of love between sweethearts, as is often typical for Valentines, but for the bonding and deep love between child and mother – specifically my husband and his mother. His mother’s name is Rose and she just recently passed away. He misses his special Mom. This bouquet would be a sweet and tender reminder for him to celebrate the love they shared as son and mother. Even though she has now gone on the gift of love still lingers. She always considered him her ‘sweethero’! A mother could never seek for a greater gift than the love of her child. A ‘rose’ bouquet would be the perfect reminder of their shared love!

    30. Considering both my husband and I forgot our wedding anniversary in January, we could use an extra excuse to celebrate Valentines!

    31. Valeen Nielson Says:

      Thanks for a great giveaway! My husband and I have been married 19 years. We have an amazing marriage, but this last year has been full of incredibly tough moments. My father died, my daughter spent 7 days in ICU (we almost lost her), I was very ill and spent four months having surgeries and lots of time in the hospital. My son has special needs and has had a particularly tough year. We have made it through stronger, and more in love. I would love to share this with my family to celebrate our triumph over this year!

    32. Brenda Gaines Says:

      I would love to give this to my mother, she is a gardener and absolutely LOVES flowers. she has had 3 back surgeries, the most recent one last year after a car accident. She would be excited and so happy

    33. My hubby needs these, I love him with all my heart and he is a wonderful man! We have been together for a while now and most special days seem to slide by with just a spoken “Happy -fill in the blank-“, so these would great to give him for valentines. He always jokes around about getting me a ‘flea market valentine’ every since we went a few years back and they were cheesy valentine gifts at nearly every booth. The flowers are so beautiful and I think he would love them!

    34. I need GiftTree’s help because I have a pretty new boyfriend and I know he’s planning something special so I want to get him something awesome and surprise him!

    35. Amber Carter Says:

      My husband has had to work every single valentines day that we have been together, but always manages to leave me a surprise to make me feel special, no matter how broke we are. I would love to return the favor!

    36. I LOVED your story…. what a special husband you have! My mom is the one person who definately deserves a special treat. She raised six of us is a mostly absent father and though things were tight, she always managed to send us to ball leagues, ski lessons, always at the sacrifice of herself. I try to remind her what a special person she is every chance I get!


    38. George Arvin Says:

      My wife of 33 years would get this. I have been out of work for six months with no income at all. People have already retired me but I am not quite there yet. The government has no programs to help so I guess I am to starve to death quietly like a good citizen.

    39. Janine Molnar Says:

      Thanks for the giveaway! My husband is sick with the flu right now, which he got from our son, and has still been the most amazing husband and father. He does so much for our family, and I would love to be able to thank him with some beautiful flowers or a cookie bouquet! His job requires a lot of traveling and he is always “on the road” working, which is very hard on our family, but we are strong and work together as a team!

    40. I need help being a sweet hero this year because we are down on our luck and I have no way to do anything for my wife of almost seventeen years. She has had a very hard last seven years, first fighting breast cancer and now dealing with chronic migraines and depression from being sick all the time. I know that If I could do something special for her on Valentines Day, it would brighten up her day, even if only for a little while. She suffers terribly from her migraines and has to spend alot of time away from our family so she can cope with her headaches. I hate to see her suffer this way and would love to take her mind off her problems for one day. Thank you for this opportunity, winning would mean alot to me and to all of our sons and daughters too. I know there are alot of deserving people here so I wish you all the best of luck. Take care and God Bless.

    41. I’d like to send a very special Valentine’s day gift to my special hero-my uncle Henry who is 94 years old,poor darling has a bad cold and the whole family is worried about him.

    42. I need help being a Sweethero because I usually wait until the last minute and then don’t get what I want.

    43. Desiree Dunbar Says:

      It would be nice to receive flowers on Valentines Day because I never do. The bouquets would be beautiful to look at on my dining room table.

    44. enter me thanks

    45. Jessica Gengler Says:

      Flowers would really cheer up our home. My husband is a pastor so money is always pretty tight and we live 1000 miles from our families. Our 3 year old son was diagonosed with retinoblastoma 3 months ago and had his eye removed. We have been so busy that we have not had something just for us to enjoy.

    46. My husband is my superhero he works and attends school. I would love to be a superhero to him, I just don’t know where to begin. I watch our son during the day but I would love to have some guidence on how to do more

    47. Nicole Larsen Says:

      I would love some help being a SweetHero this year to my hubby–it’s our first year being married (been together for 5). But, he works ALL the time and I just want to let him know how thankful we (our daughter and myself) are to have him in our lives and how much we appreciate him being the amazing provider he is for this family! :)

    48. I need you to be my SweetHero because it is also, our 25th Wedding Anniversary and I want to make it the best Anniversary it could be. I already have dinner and drinks planned with candy so all I need is the flowers to make it the best evening of all. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :)

    49. We have been married almost 30 yrs, and I want to be a SweetHero to my husband. Money is very tight since I lost my job, and having these for him at our in-home V Day dinner will make it so festive

    50. i really need this for my daughter.my husband of 26 years passed away this past june.he was a big man for roses.my daughter is haveing a hard time.these roses would be something i know she would cheer up about and it would remind her of the most romantic man i ever seen her daddy.

    51. shirley hicks Says:

      I would love to be the sweethero to a family friend..little over a yr ago..she had a stroke..shes in her 40’s while still in a coma..her only child ,a daughter (17) dies unexpectly of a bloodclot..she was taken straight from the hospital..back to Michigan..(she was living in ky)and put in a nursing home to rehabilatate. Her father..threw away..and gave away..almost all of her belongs…he even thru away some of her only childs ,baby items…..shes been in the nursing home over a yr now…..with few contacts from people who are supposed to be her friends..i feel like they have all moved on and forgotten her…..i would love to win this and have it sent to her.

    52. I need GiftTree’s help to be a SweetHero this year Because I have an 88 yr old dear lady friend who is a sweets/goodies addict and she deserves something swell!

    53. I am a single mom, not married, I adopted my 2 daughters. There is no man in my life right now. So I would give these to my sister who has Breast Cancer, and her cancer has travelled to her brain twice, now. She sure could use some cheering up.

    54. I would love to win flowers for my wife, we have been living rather tightly since I was laid off from work, I would love to give her something beautiful.

    55. This would be great for my daughter. She has had a hard year last year and this would make a great start to a new year.

    56. very good and touching

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