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    Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for Guys

    Valentine’s Day tends to present itself as a holiday for the ladies. Red and pink flowers, dainty chocolates, and heart necklaces are all wonderful gifts (all of which you’ll find at GiftTree) – but for guys that work hard and play hard, they need a little less Tiffany and a lot more Tonka.

    Luckily at GiftTree we’ve thought of that too.  Here are our Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys.

    1. The Man Can – $49.95

    While he gets all spruced up for the romantic Valentine’s evening, present him with this chance for some quality, light-hearted self-care. Licorice Fisherman’s Scrub Soap, Spicy Shave Gel, Bay Rum After Shave Oil, Fisherman’s Hand Butter, and a scruffy Body Sponge all come in a reusable paint can with a sturdy bottle opener. The messaging on the paint can reminds us that “there’s nothing tougher than a man (except maybe a woman).”

    2. For The Love of Coffee – $49.95

    A caffeine addict’s dream, he’s sure to appreciate this collection of coffees and coffee-themed treats including International Arabica, Molokai Hawaiian Espresso, Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake, Cappuccino Jelly Beans, Mocha Shortbread, and more. The reusable tote becomes useful as a mail sorter, magazine holder, or closet organizer. He’ll thank you on Valentine’s Day and each morning as he completes his coffee routine.

    3. Monogrammed Lewis & Clark Compass – $39.95

    Perfect for history buffs or anyone who loves to proudly show off an interesting keepsake, this authentic mahogany compass is an exact replica of the one used by Lewis & Clark in their pioneering journey to the West. Features a period-accurate paper dial face, aged bronze and a durable wooden encasement. The distinctive monogrammed engraving with his initials will guarantee it’s a gift he’s sure to cherish and display.

    4. Filet Feast & Maine Lobster Tails Dinner – $144.95

    What self-respecting man doesn’t love Surf and Turf? Deliver the five-star dinner of a lifetime right to his door. Two Grade A Maine Lobster Tails with Clarified Butter, two 6 oz Filet Mignon Steaks, New England Clam Chowder and Maryland Crab Cakes arrive with all the instructions to prepare a gourmet meal that he’ll never forget.

    5. Silver Oak Private Cellar Gift Set – $329.95

    For a man who takes himself and his relationships seriously, you’re sure to impress him with this one-of-a-kind luxury wine set. The Silver Oak is a time-tested Cabernet – exquisite and well-layered, with extraordinary aging potential. Riedel Vinum XL wine glasses, Belgian Artisan Chocolates, a pewter Dachshund cork keeper, and a set of sturdy wine tools in a custom-made wooden gift box join the fine wine. Your personal message affixed with a wax seal shows that you respect his prowess, discernment, and class.  It’s truly a Valentine’s gift worthy of his smarts and inimitable debonair.

    Just like the ladies, every guy deserves a good Valentine’s Day gift that will help him relax, smile, and remember the day. You’ll find all of this more at GiftTree – time to get shopping!

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