January 2015
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    Top 5 Hostess Gifts

    When I was a child my mother used to host etiquette classes for my sisters, cousins & friends. Nothing beats a room full of giggly girls drinking with their pinkie’s up or figuring out the graceful way to eat your soup. It was wonderful. My dad would put on a tie and be our waiter and my mom would make crustless finger sandwiches and bite size cookies. If ever Prince William wanted to marry an American girl I would be ready (that of course was pre Kate days) One of the things that my mother along with Miss Manners taught me was to never go to a party empty handed. Usually I bake some of my famous sugar cookies or whip up a batch of baklava but really, who has time for that these days?! I know I don’t! With more Holiday parties on the calendar this year then ever before I really must plan this out.
    Here are my top 5 Hostess gifts of this year. – If you have invited (or are going to invite) me to a party please stop reading now :)

    1. Reindeer Nutcracker

    2. Hand Blow Humming Bird Feeder

    3. Mayan Hot Cocoa & Hand Carved Frother

    4. Monogrammed VIP Silver Wine Opener

    5. Champagne & Chocolate

    These are just my top 5 – there are so many more to chose from.   What’s in your top 5?

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