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    They Say It’s Your Birthday…

    On Saturday I turn 27…

    I have mixed feelings about growing older each year, while I usually welcome the future with open arms there is something to be said for the events that made up the last year of your life what it is today. Saying goodbye to a great year is hard, take this past year for instance: I moved into a new place, proudly stood by my best friend as she married her perfect match, gained a sort of confidence I didn’t know I was capable of and realized that I don’t always know whats best. Traveled across the world by myself, learned the importance of good shoes and dreamed big.  While this past year was wonderful, I anxiously await what the future has in store. I have good things coming to me, I can feel it in my bones. So today, with only 24 hours left of a wonderful 26th year, help me celebrate all the accomplishments, failures and good times as I prepare to open the door for many more adventures as a 27 year old.

    If you feel like making my transition a great one don’t hesitate so send me some lovely flowers like these…. The Stylish Plant Assortment, Heavenly & Harmony or the How Sweet It Is arrangement.


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