January 2015
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    The Winning Dad

    Thanks to everyone who participating in GiftTree’s Father’s Day Contest. It was great to read so many heartfelt comments about dads.  The winner is Natasha Marshall. Natasha will receive a GiftTree t-shirt while her dad will get our sold out Professional BBQ Gear gift, engraved with his name on the handle.

    Not a winner this time? Check out GiftTree’s Father’s Day Gifts to find a great gift for dad.

    Natasha’s winning entry:
    My biological father left me when I was about three years old and my step-father of the time adopted me without hesitation. My father taught me to have fun in life. He taught me to laugh and experience the world. He has taught me that everything will pass. If there is a hard time I am going through I know that it will pass and everything will improve. My father has taught me the simple everyday things that a father teaches his children. But the most important thing my father has taught me is to be myself, and exactly who I am. So thanks dad, I never say how much you really mean to me.

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