January 2015
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    Take Your Dog to Work Day

    Yeah, you’ve heard of “Take Your Child to Work Day.” Did you know that there is such a thing as “Take Your Dog to Work Day?” Even more fun? Every day at GiftTree is “Take Your Dog to Work Day!” That’s right – in our Vancouver, Washington location, there are a number of employees who bring their dogs to the office on a regular basis. We have dogs here every single day, and they certainly add something wonderful to our little office! Have you ever been on the phone to GiftTree to order a gift and heard a suspicious woofing noise in the background? It happens! We have many adorable canine companions here, each of whom seems to have quite a colorful personality! Pictured above is Lily, who keeps our Director of Customer Service, Shawna, company during the day. Actually, though she comes to work with Shawna, the truth is that Lily keeps us all company. It’s not unusual to be surprised by Lily’s nose in your side as she goes desk to desk looking for snacks! Everyone here loves having our canine companions around all the time! If you don’t work in a place that’s quite as awesome as here, you should probably go ahead and encourage your management team to let your furry friend come to work for at least one day! Happy “Take Your Dog to Work Day!” It’s every day here, but for the rest of you it’s June 23!

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    One Response to “Take Your Dog to Work Day”

    1. Does your dog have eyebrows? Tell me about that! She is too cute.

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