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    Contest – Sympathy Gifts

    GiftTree is always searching the globe for gifts that can be engraved. We have the ability to engrave on several different materials so we don’t have many limitations. GiftTree’s personalized gifts are known for being unique, even unexpected. Our Amazing Grace Engravable Wind Chimes for example, have become a popular sympathy gift. Who would have thought? Flowers and fruit baskets for the family who has lost a loved one will always be appreciated, but something special like engraved wind chimes are extra sentimental.

    We’d like to hear from you! What gift or item can you suggest that could be engraved to be a nice sympathy gift? Leave a comment here with your suggestion and you’ll be entered to win one of our gourmet gift baskets. We’ll choose our very favorite suggestion. You never know, we may end up carrying it on GiftTree.

    It won’t earn you extra entries this time, but of course, we’re always thankful when our readers follow us on Twitter or tweet about this contest. The deadline to enter is midnight (PST) Monday, March 9th. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on this blog and Twitter.

    Thanks for playing!

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    212 Responses to “Contest – Sympathy Gifts”

    1. garden sculpture? key chain? reading lamp?

    2. I would suggest a frame. A frame would be special especially since you can put a picture to remember.

    3. Bracelet with the deceased name and the day they passed away.

    4. Garden cherubs are great and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

    5. How about a locket?

    6. Wind chimes are such a wonderful idea. I think candelabras would be a nice option as well.

    7. bracelets, pendants and photo frames would be lovely

    8. A lamp with etched glass


    9. I think a locket would be a nice sympathy gift that could be engraved. The mourner could put a nice religious inscription inside or a picture of the deceased.

    10. A book mark for a book. This would look nice engraved and can be used for books and magizens.

    11. Margaret Smith Says:

      My mother in law just passed away last week unexpectedly and even more so than ever, we value any photo’s that we have of her, so I would say a really nice glass frame would be a special memory/sympathy gift. Thanks so much.

    12. A nice selection of dried soups, crackers, teas or single coffees..

    13. Garden chrubs,a garden bench or a garden vase.

    14. I would like to see a picture keychain engraved

    15. Something for the yard, such as a bird feeder, bird bath, or wishing ball.

    16. A brass planter would make a nice sympathy gift. Flowers or a plant may then be planted in it as a tribute to the love one.

    17. The Engraved Bookmark.

    18. susan varney Says:

      various jewerly items would be great keepsakes

    19. I know that when my dad passed away in October, that Christmas right after was especially difficult for my stepmom, my sister, and I. I looked for a simple silver ornament for the tree that could be engraved but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t look cheesy or cheap.

      I also thought it would be wonderful to have an engraved photo album; we had a ton of pictures leftover from the memorial board at my father’s funeral home service. It would have been nice to put them all into an engraved album.

    20. a locket to cherish and with born and died and can put a pic inside..or a keychain

    21. Starr Greenwell Says:

      I think a nice plant is a beautiful glass container

    22. A “stepping stone”, a bench, a picture frams, a suncatcher, a “memory book”, a garden “sculpture” or a bird bath


    23. a locket, a picture frame, or possibly a photo album……

    24. plant pot, angel figurine, photo frame

    25. Something peaceful and cruelty free like the planting of a tree.

    26. adrienne Gordon Says:

      Picture FRame

    27. A photo frame

    28. A small stone waterfall engraved. Would be beautifully peacefull.

    29. I can envision a silver pendant shaped in the “eternity” symbol and engraved to personalize. Thank you. :-)

    30. A locket or the inside of a ring with birthstones in it. Thanks for the contest.

    31. Gourmet all the way

    32. I would probably pick a bird bath to be engraved, although the wind chimes are a lovely idea as well.

    33. Kelly Ann T. Says:

      Some-one made a scrapbook for us to fill. It was wonderful. They had a special scrapbook made with her name and birthdate and date of her death on it. We had to fill the pages with pictures but the book was beautiful.

    34. Wood writing pens are really nice with the new laser engraving.

    35. some type of stone water feature – has soothing sounds.

    36. Our Friends and neighbors on separate times this last few months gave us gift cards to a nursery to buy what We wanted when Spring comes that way something will come up in memory or be a tree or bush I loved this idea

    37. The engraved bookmark is sharp.

    38. I would suggest a wooden and glass flag holder with an engraved brass plaque. This is a wonderful momento to a fallen soldier or veteran.
      Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway :)

    39. a reading or desk lamp might be a nice thing to engrave

    40. I think an engraved picture frame or vase would be a good sympathy gift.

    41. galena penrod Says:

      personaly i like wind chimes as a gift


      wall art perhaps or a collage of favorite pictures

    43. 2009 started out very shaky for me. I’ve lost three relatives within three weeks of each other so I know a little something about sympathy gifts or what I would like as a sympathy gift. I would like a really nice picture frame with a picture of my deceased loved one along with an engraving that has the persons name, dob, and date they died. I’m actually doing this for my Mom right now b/c one of the people we lost was her baby brother. I found a really nice picture of him that I want framed and am having his information engraved on the frame.
      I also like the idea of doing the same with a cross pendant that you can wear on a necklace or chain.
      Thank you for the contest.

    44. I really loved an engraved pen my mom gave me once.

    45. Nanette Olson Says:

      An engraved vase might be a nice rememberance.

    46. A small fountain could have a plaque placed on it. Fountains are always good for relieving stress and being able to rest and think (and remember the person that passed away.)

    47. When a co-worker’s mother died, we gave her a ceramic flower. If it had been on a base (either engravable itself or with a small metal plaque) we would have engraved a message on it. She apparently treasured it, since it had a prominent place in her office, and she was not one for knick-knacks usually.

    48. Tracey Byram Says:

      vases and candleholders

    49. CATHI RUSHING Says:

      i like pens

    50. david solomon Says:

      great contest

    51. barb solomon Says:

      gourmet basket would be great

    52. I think a nice stepping stone would be good.

    53. This is a timely giveaway for me as we lost my nephew recently in an accident. I wanted to get my sister something special to remember him by. I came across this piece at another fine blogger’s giveaway and thought it would be perfect. The item can be found here on ETSY: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21200691
      I am having it engraved with my nephew’s first and middle name and birthdate. Just beautiful and I know my sister will cherish it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

    54. a garden plaque, like a stepping stone.

    55. a shell(conch),brick,or stone that can be placed in the garden or along a walkway or entrance

    56. A angel wind chime or a stepping stone with an angel on it

    57. Monique Rizzo Says:

      I like the engraved vase!! Thanks for the chance!!


    58. I propose a “Remembrance Jar”. It would have a plaque for engraving the persons name and possibly have an opening for a photo. I would have it filled with small pieces of paper on which the family and friends of the departed could write a special thought or “remembrance” of the person. I think the family could find comfort in these personal notes about their loved one long after they were gone.

    59. I think a small metal tag that can be attached to various items would be good. You could attach it something you bought or made, or put it inside a picture frame with a picture.

      A marker for a plant would be nice for the garden or a potted plant.

    60. I’d say a bracelet or a pendant

    61. joanmurraycefalu Says:

      Photos of the loved one in other situations

    62. A bookplate insert for the cover of a Bible.

    63. My husband died when we were pretty young (early 30’s) and I always liked to remember him with living things – usually plants and flowers. So I’m thinking a pretty silver cachepot that could be used to hold a potted plant or even a flower arrangement.

    64. Something for the yard, stepping stone, wind chime I think would be nice.

    65. Linda Lansford Says:

      I say a wallet

    66. A desktop fountain with a little plaque on that can be engraved. Would be a very peaceful relaxing gift.

    67. photo frames, lockets

    68. Joanne Schultz Says:

      I think a lovely wood frame with a small brass engravable plaque, at the top, bottom or both. Just think of all the wonderful memories and comfort the picture inserted into the frame will bring to the bereaved.

    69. A bell, a picture frame, a bracelet!

    70. John Sweeney Says:

      engraved vase is best choice

    71. A memory book.

    72. a simple silver braclet engraved with “I am with you always”.

    73. More styles of wind chimes. I just love them!

    74. A chrome plated golf ball.

    75. veronica sandberg Says:

      It would really depend on the person. My Dad loved dogs, so I would have gotten in memorey of him something with a dog on it. It is also personal.

    76. Interesting enough, the Amazing Grace wind chime would be my choice (even though I know it’s shown here). Grace was my mother’s maiden name (she has since passed away) so the song “Amazing Grace” has always had special meaning to my family. We even gave my daughter the middle name Grace. I traveled 2 years ago to Russia and was afraid so my brother bought me a locket that played Amazing Grace because he said I could have my mother with me that way to help me with my fear.

    77. Shelly Miller Says:

      a personalized garden bench

    78. a locket, a nice remembrance item

    79. I would suggest an engraved book end of some kind or an engraved candle holder/lantern.

    80. I think Jewelry would be nice things to engrave, like a locket, or watch

    81. Susan Ryberg Says:

      These are beautiful, thoughtful things. Difficult to choose among them.

    82. I think an engraved photo album would be perfect, because it could be filled with photographs of the loved one.

    83. I think a garden stepping stone is a nice thought.

    84. Karen Gonyea Says:

      Garden Sculpture.

    85. A wooden bible box :)

    86. Charlotte Winters Says:

      A photo frame with the loved ones picture. I think a garden sculpture or bench would also be very nice.

    87. I think an engraved memory box or photo box would be good.

    88. Janice Wright Says:

      I like the garden cherub idea. :)

    89. Cori Westphal Says:

      I think a pot would be a great idea. You could give someone a plant or flowers with the engraved pot. Thanks!

    90. memory box or keychain

    91. Sonya Allstun Says:

      a locket would be nice of course

    92. Garden sculptures

    93. When someone has died, I find the family appreciates copies of pictures you may have of the person – it shows the unique relationship you had with the person, an image the family might not have, and that the person meant enough to you that you would have pictures of them.

    94. how about a bird feeder, or a humming bird feeder, or a garden stone, or maybe a large planter with beautiful flowers in it. thanks for the giveaway.

    95. Small slab of quartz that could place on a desk or hearth.

    96. I would say a picture frame or a snowglobe would be something nice to have as a rememberence.

    97. Janna Johnson Says:

      Bible cover or stepping stone!

      Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

      Janna Johnson

    98. garden angels, picture frame, or a favorite item of the deceased

    99. An engraved picture frame with the departeds name and photo in it would be beautiful!

    100. A frame or photo album

    101. a nice photo frame with a photo of my love one

    102. A smaller version of a ‘peace pole’ with the name, dob and dod and something personal – a favorite saying,favorite song lyrics…..
      thanks for the contest

    103. You could engrave a stone on one of those mini fountains that can go on a coffee table or kitchen counter. A fountain is symbolic and soothing, as well as beautiful. I think an engraved fountain would make a good sympathy gift.

    104. Lots of things can be engraved to make a wonderful sympathy gift. It all depends on the person you are giving it to. I would definitley suggest a picture frame because that would be something that can be out all the time with a loved ones photo and it would just make the memories more wonderful.

    105. Kathy Scott Says:

      I think that planting a tree and placing a plaque underneath is a wonderful way to honor someone.

    106. A garden bench or marker

    107. Vicky Boackle Says:

      a locket with a picture.

    108. I think a Memory Ring would be nice. Something in silver or gold, good quality with simple styling but it needs styling that differentiates it from a wedding band. The engraving could be the loved one’s name and a short phrase in remembrance.

    109. honestly, nothing could be better than the wind chimes

    110. I think a gazing ball with the loved ones name etched on it for the garden would be a nice idea.

    111. Cynthia Shern Says:

      I think the “Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul Gift Basket” would be a perfect sympathy gift for the Multi-dog owner who has just lost one of the pack. There is something soothing for both the Humans and dogs left behind.

    112. mousepads with the persons picture on it, engraved.

    113. I have always liked a personalized bird feeder. Because it constantly brings in hapiness

    114. Sea glass would be a good engraved memento as would a rug or stackingtower of candy

    115. Phyllis Adams Says:

      A flower pot or stepping stone or maybe a birdfeeder. Thanks for the giveaway!

    116. Sandra Monical Says:

      My Mom was a voracious reader and she passed her love of books to her kids. I really like the bookmark concept mentioned here. I think, also, a paperback book cover, although I am not sure how it would be engraved.

    117. Sandra Melnick Says:

      A frame that would mean something to those who are left. Appropriate engraving would add to it.

    118. Sheila Pepe Says:

      Picture frames, or a watch.

    119. A locket is actually a good idea, but being a voracious reader, the bookmark would be pretty cool.

    120. Beverley Justice Says:

      I think I would like to have a simple locket with a picture of my loved one to wear on occasion.

    121. One of those large garden stones, the kind where a word or a scripture is written.

    122. A suncatcher or vase maybe?

    123. Carol Mathesen Says:

      I think a candle holder would be nice and very meaningful.

    124. I think a book mark would be an excellent choice

      :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    125. A memory box to hold the memory book and memorial cards.

    126. It may sound strange but a recipe card box. When my “Big Mama” (Grandmother) passed away the only thing I asked for were her recipes. She was the cook and wouldn’t let you leave her house without eating something. Our family gathered around her kitchen every holiday and special occasion. I got all of her recipes and the sweetest surprise her recipe box. I have it sitting on top of my stove and I think of her every meal.

    127. a bird house or feeder

    128. virginia vorse Says:

      depend on person if the person was a gardner-statue, a readong a very special bookmark

    129. a locket would be sentimental

    130. Carla Lazim Says:

      engraved remote control

    131. Sharon Seneker Says:

      Those garden stepping stones would be great with loved ones information on the stone and could be used almost anywhere and could be made decorative to reflect the loved one’s interests or favorite things! I would like some of those myself! Thanks!

    132. Diane Baum Says:

      The two most meaningful are amemory scrapbook for the family. This is where everyone is given a page to dedicate to memories of the deceased person. also a special wall hanging is nice. It is a picture of a tree and people fill the indivual leaves, with specil words, poems, memories…

    133. An engraved sundial would be nice.

    134. sandra williams Says:

      we did the ornament idea (nice quality) but spent some money to engrave our favorite xmas holiday with the person, just a title, not the whole detail

    135. joanna smith Says:

      An Engraved Stainless Steel Alarm Clock that has CD and iPod Docking Capabilities would make a beautiful Sympathy Gift. It is something the recipient can use everyday and each morning when they wake up they can remember that person and start their day with beautiful music. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

    136. Heidi Durham Says:

      a teddy bear wearing an inscribed pendent necklace that could be used as a bracelet.

    137. A Christmas ornament, frame, bracelet or necklace … all have been suggested already. I would appreciate almost all of the suggestions (the sundial was extremely creative).

    138. Mae Behling Says:

      I like the idea of a garden stone or plackard for a bench

    139. Karen Walker Says:

      I received a wooden church that played Amazing Grace. It could be engraved with anything you feel like saying. I loved it.

    140. Mary James Says:

      Some sort of keychain so you could attach it to your keys and take the memory with you.

    141. Photo Frames please

    142. Patricia C Says:

      I would say an engraved plaque along with a small tree or tea rose that can be planted and call it “The Tree of Life”.

    143. Lydia Wilson Says:

      Something small that can be left at the graveside is nice, like a vase, planter or bench. Thanks for the giveaway.

    144. Molly Capel Says:

      How about a clock, with something like Time stands still engraved on it.

    145. 3-d shaped copper ornaments: apple/orange/pear, leaf, and shell. It could be flat piece of copper too. Hang on a tree, or in the garden. Nice copper color would really stand out.
      Or engrave large Tonna or Clam shells (these would nice indoors or outdoors).

    146. Jennifer Hedden Says:

      a personalized garden bench

    147. Louise Huber Says:

      a plant is a glass container is always appreciated.

    148. tom homrich Says:

      wind is the music of the wild

    149. Cecilia Redman Says:

      My sister passed away this past year and it has been extremely hard for my niece. I would love to have one of those hard plastic picture frames that has a music box on the back that plays a really pretty song that I could put a picture of my sister in for her.

      Or just a regular music box/jewelry box that plays one of my sister’s favorite songs would be nice as well. Perhaps one that would contain a place for her picture on the top or something like that.

      Either of these could be engraved and would be a precious piece that could be passed down.

    150. phillip stacy Says:


    151. desiree kelley Says:

      plant a tree in their honor

    152. A silver engraved bookmark tucked into a nice journal to write out your feelings would be a thoughtful sympathy gift.

    153. A small photo frame with a case, to be carried in a purse or pocket.

    154. Perhaps a tree to plant in memory of the loved one, with a special plaque to commemorate it?

    155. A rosebush

    156. Jennifer M Says:

      I think it would be a thoughtful gift to give a special camellia plant (or another that would come with a special engraved plant stake that had the deceased person’s name on it in memorandum.

    157. A nice vase would be good (not an urn), but a nice classy vase. Thank yo

    158. I think wind chimes are great

    159. An engraved brass tag for a scrapbook would be nice.

    160. I lost my beloved fiance last July to bile duct cancer and my heart still grieves. A ring I received has given me great comfort. Every time I look at it it serves as a gentle, sweet reminder of our love. Any type of simple jewelry makes a kind and thoughtful sympathy gift.

    161. I thinking of something along the line of a lighted, revolving miniature carousel, engraved and possibly including pictures or other tributes :)

    162. A white wooden Peace Dove.

    163. Engraved Memory Box.

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    164. David Clark Says:

      I think the Garden Memorial Sundial would be perfect.


    165. Dad carries the simple metal disk on his keychain engraved with the registered state number for Mom’s ashes.

      I’d love to give Dad a gold or silver disk engraved with Mom’s name, 1932-2008, and their wedding date on it. I know he would cherish it.

    166. Sue Farrell Says:

      I like to read a lot–so I would like I nice metal engraved book make–becuase I yould handle it a lot.

    167. I think things for a garden would be perfect.Stepping stones,birdbaths,benches.or even metal arbors.My friend has a memorial garden for her husband and her peloved pets and it is just beautiful.

    168. Marcia Strickland Says:

      A gold or silver plated picture frame.

    169. christopher h Says:

      i would think a nice reading lamp

    170. I believe an engraved bible would be a super sympathy gift.

    171. I think garden stones are nice, but expensive. A lovely keychain would be less expensive, but still a sweet way to remember your loved one.

    172. Kathy Emerick Says:

      I think that the windchimes would be a perfect gift because when the summer breeze blows, the chimes make beautiful , comforting music.

    173. I like the idea of a music box or a bell engraved… or even more interestingly, a Native American soul catcher.

    174. Tammy Kennedy Says:

      I think it would be nice to have a name plaque with a poem or favorite saying to be placed at the Cemetery, my son lost 3 friends to a car accident and because they were young they were placed beside each other. The families have a box placed at the stone which contains a journal for friends to write messages. It helps in their grief so a box personalized would also be nice.
      Thank you…

    175. I like the idea of an engraved tabletop fountain. It is something that the recipient could use either at home or at work!

    176. cathleen nash Says:

      I am Catholic and would gravitate towards religious-themed items such as engraved crucifixes or Lord’s Prayer hands. Thanks for the entry!

    177. A bird feeder would be a nice idea.

    178. Kristen Hendricks Says:

      I have always thought it was nice when stuffed animals were engraved as some sort of sympathy gift. Maybe a stuffed teddy bear or dog engraved would make a nice sympathy gift. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

    179. A framed photo of the loved one with a nice inscription.

    180. An engraved walking stone would be nice

    181. jennifer gersch Says:

      a locket with a pciture

    182. Rose Fisher Says:

      A shadow box could have a metal plate engraved with the persons name and also dates from birth to death. When constructing the shadow box make sure there is a frame inside that can hold a picture. Also shelves or individual nooks that would hold a pair of glasses, the printed memorial announcement, flowers, a special tea cup or coffee cup, a scarf, hankie, pocket watch, jewelry or even a pocket knife, or a ball cap.


    183. I would love the chance to win, thanks.

    184. If you have a store that will deliver a full meal to the bereaved home, that would surely be a wonderful, thoughtful gift. That person doesn’t NEED a reminder of when the person died. In her heart, she will remember him always.
      If a store won’t deliver, then order the meal and pick it up yourself and bring it to her/him. Then sit with her awhile, and let her talk out her sorrow to you. She will never forget your kindness.

    185. I think a picture frame would be an excellent idea.Thanks!

      braaisjo at gmail dot com

    186. Lia Casson Says:

      Engraved snow globe, water globe or table fountain. Thank you. skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

    187. so many nice ideas I think a engraved candle holder would be nice con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

    188. Maybe a small charm you could add to a keychain with a place for a small photo of the person.

    189. Kathy Conley Says:

      Angel figurines are my favorite and a special Christmas Ornament would be nice!

    190. chris swan Says:

      Stepping stone with poem and persons name. Garden thermometer and water guage engraved. Planter with tree in it.

    191. Any type of engraved jewelry makes a nice remembrance.

    192. MELINDA Smith Says:

      I would suggest jewelery or a picture frame(to hold a picture of the deceased.)Both items can have engraving on them.

    193. A table top fountain or a simple silver plate that could be affixed to the front of an album.

    194. I think an engraved stepping stone for the garden or path would be a very nice sentiment.

    195. judy chapman Says:

      Great site and giveaway.

    196. Sharold Friedrich Says:

      I think a picture frame would be a wonderful gift.

    197. Catherine KingChuparkoff Says:

      I love the garden cherubs.

    198. Reading thru this you got alot of great ideas for your answer, the frame, ornaments, personally I have always sent something other than fresh flowers, even silk flowers so maybe a container that was dated, had departed name on it etc.

    199. Elizabeth Ray Says:

      a picture frame

    200. I love the idea of a garden cherub. You have some great ideas posted! What about a dogtag/keychain?

    201. wendy wallach Says:

      A garden gazing ball would be my suggestion.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    202. A silver pillar candle holder engraved to say something like “In Loving Memory of ___________ who is present in our heaerts”.

    203. barbara wright Says:

      one of those glass picture frames they sell at the mall store that has everything engrave-able, so they can put a picture of the person in it

    204. Leigh Nichols Says:

      A lovely pen set

    205. A pot for plants.

    206. If a close friend has a holiday or other greeting card sent to them by the deceased he/she can have the card mounted in a clear plastic or lucite type material that can be engraved. The card can be open so all sides/parts of the card can be on view…provided the sentiment expressed by the deceased would be appreciated by the deceased’s family. [You know, a sentiment that would show the deceased's kindness, thoughtfulness, sense of humor, or anything that could be "related to" by the deceased's family.]

    207. Could you engrave a flower pot and put a plant in it so that as it grows people are reminded that life will continue to grow in other ways.

    208. Lamps might be a good suggestion, and you could engrave something at its base?

    209. A watch/necklace watch pendant!
      engraved with “Someday in time we will be together again”

    210. Suanne Giddings Says:

      I think a key chain with a picture locket could be good for either a male or female – depending on the style of the locket. The locket could be removed and worn on a chain if the recipient wanted to. I know I would love to have one! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

    211. I hope you update more info.

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