February 2015
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    Super Bowl Sunday

    International Beer ChestGuest Blogger: Jenn G

    The rush of the football season has all boiled down to ONE game. One last chance for 2 teams to prove who is the best, the Super Bowl Champion. As you sit there with your NFL emblazoned t-shirt in a room of friends divided between 2 teams, you eagerly await the final score. (And if you are me, you call your best friend once again as a reminder that THEIR favorite team didn’t make it there!) As a stereotype, the guys will gather around the biggest television that they can find while their significant others huddle in the kitchen, waiting for the grunt from the other room that usually signifies something along the lines of “We are out of food and cold beer.” Then fresh drinks and snacks are brought in before the females retreat back to the kitchen to laugh and talk, without interrupting the manly game going on in the other room.

    Well, my house is not your typical Super Bowl experience. I enjoy watching football just as much as any guy that I know. So why should I be shunned or have to miss a crucial play to run to the kitchen simply because I was born a female? I think it is time to do away with this practice. Yes, guys, you read that right, women have come a long way… and now I want my own spot on the couch during the game! I’m sure that I am not the only one, so I have put together some suggestions so that everyone can enjoy the game together with a minimum of interruption.

    By having snacks on hand, it saves me from having to prepare more mid-game. The Party Perfect Gift Tower is the perfect solution! A variety of treats for all and I don’t have miss a second! This makes me happy… very happy… and as I am sure we have all heard before, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” I am not much for girly drinks that turn pretty colors and taste like candy, so instead I reach in the cooler (which I plan to set out in the living room to save myself trips to the fridge) where I will have stocked the supplies from my International Beer Chest. Yes, BEER! How can you have football without it?! So now, I can spend my Super Bowl Sunday jumping off the couch, screaming in joy when the team I am rooting for is winning, (and throwing out choice words when they aren’t), doing a victory dance when they score a touchdown, and just having a good time!

    Once the final score has been called and confetti is flying in the air (on the huge television screen, NOT in my living room), we are glad that we got to get together for something that we all enjoyed and I can almost see the light bulbs coming on over the heads of the men in the room as they think, “Hey, having a girl watch the game with us wasn’t so bad after all.” Okay, maybe it will take more than one Super Bowl for them to really get used to that. But hey, we didn’t give up on the right to vote, so why give up on this? One day, with a little persistence, guys everywhere will get used to the idea.

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    3 Responses to “Super Bowl Sunday”

    1. This is awesome! I’d like to point out that my Christmas gift from my husband was a Seahawks jersey. Okay okay, Seahawks haven’t really been any good since Alexander’s first “trial” run a few years back and when they actually made it to the Super Bowl (did hell freeze over?) but I support our neighbors. They’re the closest thing we have to a “home town team”. So save a spot on your couch for me ;)

    2. Okay. So maybe the Super Bowl thing was just a dream. A girl can try!!!

    3. This IS awesome! What a great gift idea for the guys! Finally something for them! :)

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