January 2015
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    Stunning Beauty, Indeed!

    The-Stunning-BeautyAs a person who rarely receives flowers, I was knocked out by the beauty of The Stunning Beauty flower arrangement that I received as a gift from my sister in law.  I just came home one
    day and there it was on my porch. The Stargazer Lilies were closed tightly when I got the flowers, but it did’t really matter because it was still the most beautiful arrangement that I can remember ever receiving!  I put it where I could
    see it from almost every vantage point in the living room and the dining room, which is where my sewing machine is and I spend most of my free time.  It made me happy all over again ever time
    I saw it.

    Within days, the Stargazer lilies opened up and their unbelievable scent permeated my entire house! Now, they were the most gorgeous room freshener I had ever owned!  I changed the water everyday, adding a few drops of bleach to the water and that arrangement lasted nearly 2 weeks!  Every time I looked at those flowers I thought of how special I felt at getting them and how sweet my sister in lawis for sending them.

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    One Response to “Stunning Beauty, Indeed!”

    1. For some reason this bouquet reminds me slightly of a firework display at the fourth of July! Oh what is the story with the bleach? Does that help preserve the flowers for longer then liquid plant food and water?

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