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    Spring 2010

    Fruit & Gourmet DelightIn case you didn’t know, March 21 is considered by many to be the first day of spring. Some say it is really the middle of spring, because of the position of the sun, but I don’t think spring is quite here yet in the Pacific Northwest. I am very ready for winter to end. Winters in the Northwest are dreadful. Everyone stays indoors because it is so cold, grey and wet outside. The sun comes up late in the morning and it gets dark early.

    The spring and summer seasons here are, however, magical. The days never seem to end. Everyone is out walking, biking or playing. Neighbors stop to talk to you. Flowers are everywhere and everyone wants to talk about their garden.

    The next time the weather is nice and I have the chance, I plan to go to Sauvie Island and have a picnic. I have just the gift basket in mind to celebrate my first picnic of the year. I have been eyeing the Fruit & Gourmet Delight basket for some time. It has everything I like:  pears, apples, oranges, cookies, pistachios, jalapeno jack cheese, crackers and tea. It also comes with a cheese knife and in a travel trunk that will remind me of my first picnic of 2010 all year long. I might even get the travel trunk personalized to say “Spring 2010”. The reminder will be especially helpful next winter, but I’m not ready to even think about next winter yet.

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