January 2015
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    Show Them They Have Your Sympathy

    Food & Fruit Baskets: In Their Honor Fruit and Gourmet BasketPer our web site, “A gift of sympathy displays your heartfelt warmth and compassion.” Sending a sympathy gift is never comfortable. Not only do you feel warmth and compassion for the person who has lost someone, but you want to make sure what you send is an appropriate gift for someone who is grieving. More often that not, people send flowers or fruit baskets to share their condolences. While we offer these products, we also offer other gifts, such as personalized items, gourmet/wine and spa products, that will show someone you are thinking of them during such a difficult time. We have a Customer Service Team who has genuine concern for these orders. They can help you select a gift and also help you with your sentiments as well. We’ve been asked many times to provide ideas for sympathy card messages, so no one should be afraid to ask. Let us make this gift giving experience as easy for you as possible.

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