January 2015
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    Say Cheese!

    When I think of the perfect food, there is only one that comes to mind… cheese! It can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert. It can be paired with wines, added to sauces, melted into fondue, topped with fruit, put in sandwiches, mixed with pasta and put in desserts.  Not only that, but cheese is used in every day lingo. From “Say Cheese” to “The Big Cheese”, it’s obvious that in terms of world food domination, The Cheese Stands Alone.

    One cheese in particular I’ve been interested in lately is Goat Cheese. Just this past weekend, we whipped up a delicious spring salad with creamy goat cheese dressing (get the recipe here) to accompany our steaks. It was a huge hit!  Goat cheese is a very creamy, rich cheese and also pairs well with fruit. In particular, I LOVE the combination of goat cheese with fig, and plan on making a fig and goat cheese pizza with arugula this weekend (get the recipe here). Yum!

    Exploring the world of cheese can be a bit overwhelming, but a delicious journey. Not sure where to start? The Artisan Cheese Hamper is the perfect solution. Full of handcrafted cheeses from around the world, it also includes an upscale collection of gourmet treats to pair them with. Bon appétit!

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