January 2015
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    Post Christmas Poinsettia Care

    Christmas is over with now what do I do with my Poinsettia?

    Once the poinsettia bloom has gone, the leaves on your plant should be all green and won’t look so holiday like anymore.  Poinsettias are a great plant to keep year round on your desk especially if your office has Fluorescent light.  They don’t like to be watered as much.  Once the soil is completely dry you can water your plant but make sure you have good drainage.  If you have a saucer, empty it.  They don’t like water as much as other plants.  Poinsettias also like to be in the light.  If you have a dark house, put it by the window but make sure the leave don’t touch anything that is cold.  They like to be in room temperature heat and don’t tolerant cold at all.  In October you can start putting your plant in a very dark room or a closet for 12 hours a day without light and it will start getting it’s color back closer to December.

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