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    Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving

    Pecan Pie Kit with Engraved SpoonGuest Blogger: Jordan Bergeron

    I’m not typically one for nostalgia, but there are moments where it can’t be helped, and with the holiday season here, it’s just one of those times. Most people don’t know this, but I’m originally from Texas, and while I’ve mostly lived here in Washington, Texas will always be my home. Growing up, my family use to have these huge get-togethers around the holidays where we’d all gather at my grandmother’s house. We would celebrate Thanksgiving or any of the major holidays (sorry Arbor Day) with the entire extended family, and while there was always a shortage of room (when your mother has seven sisters, and your grandmother lives in a small house in Louisiana, space just begins to evaporate), there was never a shortage of food.

    My grandmother was a cooking queen and would make everything from scratch. From cajun rice to crawfish gumbo, and just about any dessert imaginable, every Thanksgiving she would just be a whirlwind in the kitchen. The one thing that everyone looked forward to, however, was her pecan pie.  I can remember watching her, my mother, and my aunt all around the table making the pie crusts and prepping the pecans for the filling. You could always tell when it was almost time to eat because the house will would smell almost sickeningly sweet from all the pies she was baking.

    It’s been at least six or seven years since I’ve gone home to see my extended family for the holidays, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding one more year to that.  But this year, when I get together with my close family for Thanksgiving, I’m bringing a little something special. I noticed one of the new items we’re carrying is a Pecan Pie Kit with Engraved Spoon. Even though I, nor my brother or my mom, are the best of cooks, it’s seems like something simple enough for us to be able to have a little slice of home.

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    3 Responses to “Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving”

    1. Great blog, Jordan! I love me some pecan pie. Pecan pie was actually a subject discussed at last week’s Friday get together, after work. Can you believe there are several employees here who have NEVER tried pecan pie??? I tried to explain to them the amazingness of it, and that it’s a holiday tradition. They tried to argue. I refuse to budge, and will be making some pecan pies to bring in to work and give to them for Christmas gifts this year… haha! :D

    2. I have never tried it!!! I must admit….I don’t care for pacans so I am scared to try it….I am a picky eater….it looks delicious though…I might have to try it!

    3. Jordan, didn’t know you were from tx, the best pecan pie I ever had was in tx, a friend grew pecan trees….it was good!

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